adidas Ultraboost 21 group on bridgeNewsRunning Shoes

adidas Ultraboost 21

The adidas Ultraboost 21: place the latest version of the shoe next to the original Ultraboost and the model is hardly recognisable. The original Ultraboost…
18 January 2021
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Salomon Wildcross

The Salomon Wildcross is the newest member of the Salomon Cross family. The Wildcross is specially designed for trail runs on challenging surfaces. Whether you’re…
6 October 2020
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Carbon Running Shoes

Carbon running shoes have taken the world by storm. Thanks to the carbon revolution, but also to today’s advanced technologies and innovations, the possibilities for…
6 May 2020
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Polar Grit X

The Polar Grit X is Polar’s latest outdoor multisport watch. Sports watches give you insight into your performance thereby helping you get the most out…
28 April 2020
Salomon Sense Ride 3 Trail Runner BackNewsRunning Shoes

Salomon Sense Ride 3

Salomon introduces the Sense Ride 3. The Sense Ride is probably Salomon's most popular trail running shoe, which is renowned for its versatility. These third…
2 April 2020