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Every long distance runner has been there, that moment that you just need an extra bit of energy to be able to keep on keeping on. Maurten Drink Mix 320 Café 100 does just that; it gives you an energy boost exactly when you need it. This drink mix contains caffeine, carbohydrates and helps to keep you hydrated and doesn’t contain additional acids, colouring and flavours. Through the use of hydrogel technology, Maurten has been able to increase the amount of carbohydrates, reduce the risk of gastrointestinal complaints and remove all unnecessary ingredients that do not promote your performance. In addition, Maurten has also been able to mask the bitter taste of caffeine.

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Maurten produces their Drink Mix in two different versions: the Drink Mix 16 and the Drink Mix 320. The Maurten Drink Mix 160 contains 40 grams of carbohydrates and the Drink Mix 320 contains 80 grams of carbohydrates. With the release of these two drink mixes Maurten has innovated the field of sports nutrition. Never before were so many carbohydrates processed into one sports drink mix.

Next to their Drink Mixes, Maurten also produces nutrition gels. Two examples are their Gel 100 and their Gel 100 Café 100. The Gel 100 contains 100 kcal and 25 grams of carbohydrates. The Gel 100 Café 100 contains 25 grams of carbohydrates and some caffeine for extra energy. All Maurten products are made from natural ingredients, have a neutral taste and are gluten-free.

Maurten Drink Mix 320 Caf 100 in Detail

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320 KCAL per serving
100 Grams of Caffeine
80 Grams of Carbohydrates
Hydrogel Technology
Neutral Taste

Coffee to go? Coffee to run!

Alright we have to admit, it’s not an Iced Latte Macchiato or Frozen Cappucino … But we after all want to run and not sit in a café! As the name already suggests, the Drink mix 320 Café 100 contains 100 grams of caffeine per portion. This equals 1.5 cups of espresso. This amount of caffeine is significantly higher than any traditional sports drink on the market. Mix the Drink Mix 320 Café 100 with 500 milliliters of water, and you’ll have a liquid sports drink with a high concentration of carbohydrates. You can take the drink before, during and after your activities.

Hydrogel Technology

Hydrogels are common in the food industry. They are often used as food thickeners and gelling agents.
A hydrogel is a so-called biopolymer. This is a water-based structure with tiny pores. This three-dimensional network can absorb water and is similar to a sponge. The resourceful developers at Maurten have found a way to create hydrogels with natural ingredients. Two ingredients were combined with each other: alginate (extracted from the cell walls of the brown seaweed) and pectin (also found in apples, lemons, carrots, tomatoes, and other fruits and vegetables).

These two fibers have been filled with the most effective source of energy on earth: carbohydrates. You can imagine the hydrogel as a layer that hugs the carbohydrates, salts and water and transports these substances in the form of small gel beads through your body. Thanks to this, the ingredients can be transported through the stomach to the intestines. In the intestines, the combination of water, salt and carbohydrates is released and quickly absorbed by the body. Without this technique, our body wouldn’t be able to process such an amount of carbohydrates and imbibing them in such quantities would result in stomach and intestines issues during your runs.

Why do I need Carbohydrates?

During endurance runs you break down a lot of carbohydrates and you lose a lot of moisture. This causes fatigue. Maurten drink mix helps you maintain your carbohydrate reserves and gives you and additional fast energy boost. The amount of carbohydrates you’ll need during your activity depends on the intensity and the length in time and distance of your activity, but also a number of other factors play a role. A good start is to focus on the length of your activity.

For example:

  • For a run of 60 minutes, the recommended amount of carbohydrates intake is 40 grams at the start of your run.
  • For activities up to 120 minutes, the recommended amount is 80 grams of carbohydrates also at the start of your run.
  • For intensive activities that last for more than 120 minutes, it is recommended to consume 80 grams of carbohydrates every hour of your activity.

Many athletes also use Maurten Drink Mix when building up to an important or especially tough race. They take the drink mix the day before their race to already top up their carbohydrate reserves. The Maurten Drink Mix can also be used to replenish your carbohydrates and help your body recover after an intensive run. When using the mix for recovery purposes it is recommended to take the mixture 30 minutes after the activity has ended.

Sports nutrition can have a really positive effect on your training and can help improve your performance on race day.

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Choosing between Maurten Drink Mix or Gel?

The choice between Drink Mix or Gel is a practical decision. Drink Mixes provide more energy during your runs, but are less practical because they involve a water bottle (the Drink Mix sachet has to be mixed with 500ml of water). So, whether you have access to a water bottle during your race is the real question. When racing on the track it’s fairly easy to access a water bottle. When running a marathon, however, this becomes a lot harder. There are option though. You can for instance bring an empty bottle with the mixture already inside and top it up at a water station. You can also bring your own water in a waist bag or bottle belt. The easiest option, however, is to just opt for energy gels. They are easy to carry around and don’t necessarily need water. A drop of water to help the gel down and rinse your mouth afterwards can make it easier to take gels though. Whether you choose gels or drink mixtures of course also depends on your personal preferences. Some people just don’t like the one or the other.

Would you like to know more about sports nutrition? Feel free to contact our customer service.They will be happy to answer all your question on sports nutrition.

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