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The Nike Shield collection has received a great update this year, and thanks to the addition of the new Pegasus Trail GTX, is now an even more thrilling collection. The running clothing and running shoes from the Nike Shield collection are your protective shield against rain, wind and anything else Mother Nature might throw in your direction. Whether you’re facing pelting rains or savage storms, with the Shield products you’ll be unstoppable. The Shield products also feature reflective elements that will help keep you safe when running in low-light conditions. And your feet are in good hands too: the Pegasus Trail with GTX layer keeps your feet dry; even in extreme conditions. Curious? In this blog, we take a closer look at Nike’s hottest products with a built-in protective shield.

!The new Nike Shield collection & the Pegasus Trail GTX will be available online soon.

The way to the front door can seem endlessly long… When it’s dark outside and rain is ticking against the window, the couch has an almost magnetic effect. And even when you do feel like running, the idea of coming home drenched and cold isn’t a particularly motivating one. It’s oh-so often that we spend so much energy on asking ourselves repetitively “should I go for a run or should I stay in?”, that when the time comes to go out you’re too knackered to even bother. Fortunately, Nike has come up with a clever and stylish solution. With their Shield products you’ll stay safe and dry during your winter runs and you won’t have to spend any mental energy on existential questions. The question ‘to run, or not to run’ just becomes a statement: ‘to run’.

Nike Shield in Detail

Learn more about the characteristics of these shoes.

React Miler with a water-repellent Shield upper
Nike React midsole for a light and springy feel
Pegasus 2 GTX with GORE-TEX upper material
Lugs provide grip and a confident running feel
Air Zoom Pegasus 37 Shield with water-resistant upper
The outsole structure has been inspired by winter tyres and provides a lot of traction

Nike React Miler Shield

The design of the Nike React Miler Shield is based on the Nike React Miler, an all-round running shoe with plenty of cushioning which is specially designed for longer runs. The Nike React Miler Shield offers reliable stability for your runs in the wet. The texture of the outsole is inspired by winter tires and offers plenty of grip on moist, slippery trails. So you can confidently keep your pace even in rainy conditions. Despite its weatherproof properties, the upper is still light and allows good air circulation. A water-repellent layer and sealed seams help keep your feet dry. Next to all that, the shoe also features a reliable midsole: the midsole made of React material last long and enables a soft, yet stable running feel.

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 37 Shield

The Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 37 is a very versatile, neutral running shoe and Nike’s best-selling model. The Zoom Air element underneath the forefoot offers optimal energy return and a slightly springy feeling. The Shield version of this shoe is made of a water-repellent upper material which is also used in high-performance outdoor clothing. So wet socks will be a thing of the past and bad weather is no longer a mood killer! The outsole offers excellent grip on wet, slippery surfaces. The grooves in the outsole drain away water, so that you always benefit from optimal ground contact and thereby minimise the risk of slipping.

Nike Shield Clothing

Nike doesn’t leave you out in the rain …

Shield Flash Run Division Jacket Men
Shield Flash Run Division Jacket Men
Shieldrunner Jacket Men
Phenom Elite Shield Run Division Pants
Shield Jacket Women
Shield Jacket Women
Shield Run Division Hoodie

Nike Shield Jacket

The Nike Shield Jacket for women is your protective shield against wind and rain. The shield material protects you from all weather conditions and the practical features, such as the integrated knit gloves, provide some additional warmth and coverage. Thanks to the Nike Sphere material used in the collar of the jacket your neck will stay warm. As if that wasn’t enough, Nike has also made the jacket breathable. The practical ventilation opening on the back ensures optimal air circulation. You don’t need the integrated gloves? Then you can simply push them back into your sleeve. Yet another feature are the reflective details, which ensure that you stay visible in the dark.

Nike Shield Flash Run Division Jacket

The Nike Shield Flash Run Division Jacket for men makes running in cold, bad weather as easy as pie. The woven material feels soft and light, and in the same breath, the shield material offers effective protection against rain and wind. This jacket also has hidden gloves – a great addition for those really cold days. Thanks to the reflective details that stand out even more when light falls on them, you are a touch safer in traffic. The various ventilation openings ensure sufficient air circulation so that you are guaranteed not to overheat. In a nutshell: this jacket is a must-have for the coming autumn and winter months!

Nike Pegasus Trail 2 GTX

On days with occasional showers, the shoes from the Nike Shield collection offer sufficient protection. But what if you want to run in extreme conditions? Then the Nike Pegasus Trail 2 GTX is your best friend! The Nike React foam provides adequate cushioning and responsiveness. At the same time, the lugs on the outsole ensure grip and stability, whether you’re going uphill or downhill. Thanks to the GORE-TEX upper material, these shoes are 100% waterproof and your feet will stay completely dry even when ploughing through snow or running on wet, muddy forest trails. Ideal for trail runners and other outdoor athletes. What’s your next adventure?

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