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The adidas Adizero family “makes you feel fast”. In 2004, adidas decided to push the boundaries of speedy running and create a new definition of “fast.” Their focus: “running shoes built to break records”. Today, the adidas Adizero family is made up of a variety of models, and includes all-round running shoes, competition shoes and spikes. Two highly regarded shoes from this collection are the new Adizero Boston 8 and the Adizero Adios 5. In this blog we will tell you more about these two featherlight, neutral running shoes.

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Shoe designer Mr. Toshiaki Omori has been designing running shoes for adidas since 1999. He works according to an inside-out strategy. Omori believes that the anatomy of the feet should guide the development process of running shoes. To create the most streamlined and precise fit possible he works with moulds of real feet. Adidas named this the “Microfit” technology. Almost all Adizero models feature this technology. In designing his shoes, Omari combines precision with simplicity. The shoes therefore only contain essential materials, technologies and cushioning.

adidas Adizero Boston 8 and Adios 5 in detail

Discover the unique characteristics of these running shoes

adidas Adizero Boston 8
Engineered Mesh Upper with Microfit Technology
Boost Midsole
adidas Adizero Adios 5
Celermesh Upper
Boost Midsole with Lightstrike Foam

Speed’s a Given

Thanks to the ‘precision’ and ‘simplicity’ approach of Omori, all Adizero shoes have a streamlined appearance and are very light in weight. The designers have, of course, also ensured that the shoes are comfortable. Every Adizero shoe revolves around elegance, around providing a sock-like fit, but above all around speediness. The Adizero motto is: “if the shoes make you feel fast, you will also run faster”. In 2008 Haile Gebrselassie ran the Berlin Marathon on the very first prototypes of the Adizero Adios. He broke the world record by 29 seconds and finished in 2:03:59. Since that day, the adidas Adizero family has won more than 150 victories at top running events. The Adizero-line is in continuous development. These innovations now bring us the new Adizero Boston 8, the Adizero Adios 5 and the brand new Adizero Pro.

The adidas Adizero Boston 8

The Adizero Boston 8 is a high-quality running shoe which is very light in weight. The model has a foot in both the all-round running shoes and competition running shoes categories. You can wear them when running competitions, but thanks to the high durability of the shoes, they are also very suitable as fast training shoes. This versatile model offers a good balance between stiffness for speed and cushioning for longer distances. The Boost midsole returns a lot of energy and offers effective cushioning. Thanks to its precise fit the Engineered Mesh upper, featuring Omori’s Microfit technology, gives an excellent lockdown feel. The Torsion System in the sole encourages a smooth landing and an energetic take-off, thereby speeding up your pace.

The adidas Adizero Adios 5

The Adizero Adios model is a purebred racing shoe. Since the 2008 prototype, the Adios has been under continues development. The new, fifth edition of these fast shoes only weighs 224 grams (size US 9 for men) and therefore can definitely be called a light competition shoe. The Adios has a more technical upper than the Boston. It consists of Celermesh material, which is even lighter than the upper material from the Boston. This upper also doesn’t retain moisture. The Boost midsole is also found in the midsole of the Adios. It provides that energetic and fast feel. Lightstrike technology has been added to the Boost midsole. This new technology is derived from adidas basketball shoes. Foam which is added to the midsole provides an optimal balance between lightweight cushioning and responsiveness. The Continental Rubber outsole provides you with the grip that you need and keeps you on your feet. The Continental Rubber outsole is also found in the Boston 8.

Adizero Everywhere

Adizero offers speed to everyone. Thanks to the success of the concept, adidas has expanded the family and now offers shoes for various events. The Adizero family doesn’t just feature all-round running shoes, but also competition shoes and a collection of spikes for numerous athletics events. Take for example the Adizero Avanti which is ideal for fast middle and long-distances, or the Adizero Finesse for short fast-distances.

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The Newest Member of the Family

Before the Nike Vaporfly took over the marathon scene, the Adizero Adios was very popular with elite runners. Since the arrival of the Vaporfly, that popularity has shifted to Nike’s fastest shoes. The latest addition to the Adizero family, the Adizero Pro, is adidas’ answer to the Vaporfly. The Adizero Pro is an innovative shoe that features well-know adidas technologies such as Celermesh, Boost, Lightstrike and Continental Rubber. Added to this mix is the Carbitex Carbon Plate, which fits between the Lightstrike midsole and the Sockliner of the shoe. This Carbon plate offers flexibility during landing and an energetic take-off at the forefoot. It creates a fast feel and propels you forward during your runs. We find the Boost material underneath the heel, while the energetic and responsive Lightstrike foam takes care of cushioning and energy return in the rest of the midsole.

The Complete Picture

Carbon is nothing new for adidas, the brand has been using the material in its shoes since the 1980s. But new technologies now allow adidas to bring together different materials in a very precise way, thereby producing running shoes with minimal energy loss. The Adizero Pro’s looks are based on the prototypes of the Adios that Haile Gebrselassie wore in 2008. The model will become the head of the Adizero family. You could think of the Adizero Boston 8 as your go-to shoe for your quick workouts in preparation for your race, be it a marathon or a 10 kilometre run. The Adizero Adios 5 is perfect for on race day and helps you break your records. Are you a seasoned race runner and do you want to unleash the speed demon that’s hiding inside of you? Then go for the Adizero Pro! The Adios and Boston are available now, and the Adizero Pro will follow later.

Technical Specifications Adizero Boston 8
10 mm
approx. 243.8 grams (men US 9)
Type of Runner
Neutral Runners
Type of Shoes
All-round / Competition
Technical Specifications Adizero Adios 5
9.5 mm
approx. 224 grams (men US 9)
Type of Runner
Neutral Runners
Type of Shoes

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