Buying Compression Socks for Running

Compression socks are used to prevent injuries, to postpone muscle fatigue and to speed up recovery after intensive workouts. Additionally they are also employed to recover from injuries. This is all achieved by the compressive fit of compression socks.

The basic function of compression socks is to stimulate blood circulation through the muscles and to cancel muscle vibration. Thanks to the improved blood circulation, more blood flows through the muscles; bringing with it fresh oxygen and getting rid of waste products. By wearing compression socks before, during and after your runs and thus by improving blood circulation you are able to postpone muscle fatigue and speed up recovery. Another benefit of compression socks is that more blood flow to the muscles and less muscle vibration means that the Achilles tendons or calf muscles are less likely to be overstrained.

Compression socks also provide support and stability. Staying active is seen as a good way of preventing chronic pain complaints. For this reason, compression socks are often recommended to runners who struggle with injuries. At 21RUN you will find socks, but also clothes with a compressive fit from different brands such as Bauerfeind, Compressport and Herzog.

How do Compression Socks Work?

Wearing compression socks before, during and after a running session ensures an increase in blood circulation through the muscles. As a result, blood is continuously pumped to and away from the calf muscles, bringing a fresh supply of oxygen and getting rid of waste products with every pump. This improves stamina and recovery of your muscles. The highest level of compression is found at the thinnest part of your legs. There, blood is forced upwards and your blood circulation is further encouraged. Long compression socks stabilize your lower leg and reduce muscle vibrations during runs. This provides a comfortable feel during your running sessions.

Different Advantages of Compression Socks:

  • Stabilize calf muscles
  • Postpone fatigue
  • Reduce risk of injuries
  • Speed up recovery

When you don’t wear compression socks, recovery will take more time than when you do wear them. Compression socks have an immediate effect. You will stay vital and enjoy an energetic feel all through your day. Because compression socks improve your blood flow, the removal of waste products from the muscles is sped up. Thanks to which recovery takes less time.

Compression socks provide targeted compression to the Achilles tendons, calves and tendon plates. Many running related injuries are found in these parts of the legs. The popularity of compression socks has increased in the last few years. Many injury-prone runners have started wearing them and quickly discovered their advantages. Compression socks are the ultimate means of combining recovery and training. These long and tight socks have an average lifespan of about six months, after six months the socks start slowly losing their compressive strength.

Different Types of Compression Socks and Compression Tubes

Almost all compression socks are suitable for men and women. A very important factor for compression products is their size. The correct size ensures compression on the targeted areas such as the Achilles tendons, calf muscles and shins. The use of compression socks finds its origin in healthcare and the positive effects of these types of socks is supported by scientific research. Many brands were founded because there was a demand for compression socks for running. Compression tubes for the upper legs or arm sleeves are also available in our webshop.

Bauerfeind is a brand which has one foot in medical science and one foot in running. Bauerfeind develops compression products for recreational as well as professional runners. In addition to socks, Bauerfeind also develops more products, such as joint-braces and insoles. Their Run Performance Compression Socks are long compression socks that help support different muscles whilst running.

Compressport compression socks are available for every type of runner. In addition to socks, Compressport offers a wide range of thermal clothing, sweatbands and running caps. Next to compression socks, you will also find more compression clothing in our webshop. It aren’t just the legs and feet that benefit from compression clothing. Think, for instance, of compression tubes or arm sleeves for the arm muscles. If you prefer socks with light compression, consider normal running socks. If you want to know more about the function of compression socks, please contact our customer service.