Running Gloves - An Essential Running Accessory

Running gloves are important autumn and winter accessories. In addition to your usual running gear such as your running clothing, lights and such, running gloves form an essential part of your autumn and winter outfit. When the temperatures drop, your hands need a bit more attention. With running gloves you will keep the cold away from your extremities and stop the cold before it gets a hold of you. By keeping your hands and fingers warm the cold won’t advance further up the body. Did you know that without gloves you run the risk of pain and numbness in fingers and hands? Because your blood will flow to the most active parts of your body, during running your hands run the risk of getting cold quickly. Therefore it is wise to wear running gloves. Next to protecting you from the cold, gloves also protect the skin from dryness and cracks. Things that which are not just annoying when running, but can also affect your personal life. To also enjoy your runs when temperatures cool down outside it is a good idea to wear some good running gloves.

Find the right running gloves in a jiffy

Our range of running gloves for women and running gloves for men is growing steadily. With this growth finding the right running gloves can become quite an undertaking. You might wonder what you should pay particular attention to when buying gloves. That’s why we’ve made a list with some practical tips for you.

1.) Have suitable gloves for each season.
In autumn thin running gloves are usually more than enough. When temperatures drop below zero it is smart to buy a pair of warm winter running gloves or thermal running gloves.

2.) Pay attention to the material.
Running gloves should be made of functional material which is breathable and wicks away moisture. Additionally, your gloves should insulate and provide warmth.

3.) Decide which features you would like your gloves to have.
The best gloves have detailed functionalities. There are, for instance, wind and waterproof running gloves, gloves that feature reflective elements or key pockets and gloves which are touch screen compatible and therefore allow you to operate your smartphone, sport watch or activity tracker. For this, finger gloves are usually easier than mittens.

4.) Choose the right size.
Gloves can only protect you optimally when they are the right size. Gloves that are too small can be a nuisance. Gloves which are too big can slip off and disturb your training. When in doubt about your size it is best to order your normal size.

In our shop specialised in running gear you will find a wide variety of running gloves for men and women of the most popular brands. Whether you want Nike, adidas, ASICS, Gore or Odlo running gloves, you will surely find something suiting your needs here.

Buying Running Gloves from a Specialist

Our team of passionate runners will gladly help you with your purchase of running accessories such as running gloves. If you have any questions, we are here for you. Browse through our wide range of gloves and discover our high-quality running gloves as well as our stylish sets of gloves and matching caps or headbands. And order your new favourite products fast and securely.