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Running clothing

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Buying Running Clothing Online

Are you looking for new running clothing? Shop your running tops, tights, jackets and other clothing directly online at 21RUN. In our shop you will find a wide range of running clothes for men, women and children.

When purchasing running clothing, pay particular attention to the functionality, freedom of movement and the level of comfort that the clothes provide. As through the seasons the weather changes it is also important to adapt your outfit. In wintery conditions it’s wise to opt for an extra layer of clothing, while in warm summers you might want to choose for thin and breathable running clothing.

What to Wear When?

Winter, of course, asks for a different running outfit than summer. Conditions however can change quickly and sometimes when up and running it suddenly turns out that it wasn’t as cold or warm as you thought at first. To avoid overheating or catching cold it therefore is wise to wear a layered outfit. When it turns out that it’s too hot you can always peel off a layer and when it’s a bit colder than expected you can always throw on an extra piece of clothing. In moderate winter climates an outfit consisting of three layers should be enough. In more extreme climates it’s wise to add one or two layers of functional gear.

21RUN advises you to work with layers as much as possible. You can use a short sleeved top as your only layer in summer, while you can fit a jacket on top in autumn to protect you from rain and wind. This way you are flexible and you can use most of your wardrobe throughout the year. You can easily shop your complete running outfit online in our shop and treat yourself to functional running clothing that’s suitable the whole year round.

A three-layered outfit is mainly intended to keep the upper body warm during your runs. Such an outfit consists of a base-layer, a mid-layer and a top-layer.

  • Use thermal underwear as your base-layer; think of a thermal top with long or short sleeves, and long or short thermal underpants. Your base-layer should keep you warm.
  • Use a long sleeved or short sleeved running top as your mid-layer. We have a wide variety of running tops on offer. Each top has its own characteristics and comes to its own in certain conditions. Consider the conditions you’ll be facing and then decide which characteristics you want your top to have. A few things to take into account: breathability, thickness, material and design. Your mid-layer should insulate the warmth from the base-layer.
  • And use long or short tights or running shorts, and a running jacket as your top layer. We also have a wide variety of running pants, tights and jackets in our collection. Each piece of clothing has its own pros and cons. So think about the characteristics you want your top-layer to have and take your pick. Your top-layer should protect you from wind and rain.

For example:

  • When going out in wintry conditions your best off with a solid base-layer that keeps you warm throughout your runs. Odlo, for instance, designs thermal underwear for extreme conditions.
  • On top of your base layer you might want to wear a top that has thumb holes and a hood to provide some extra coverage. Nike, Odlo, Falke, adidas and ASICS all offer a variety of suitable tops for cold conditions.
  • To top it of your best of with a thick pair of tights that is specially designed for winter. And a good running jacket that is both wind and waterproof. Nike for instance has a wide collection of water repellent running clothing.

Ordering Your Running Clothes Online

Are you looking to update your wardrobe with some fresh running gear? At 21RUN you will find running clothing from ASICS, adidas, Nike, Craft, New Balance and many other top brands. Each brand uses its own technologies in its clothes, thanks to this our collection is very diverse. Do you prefer to shop clothes that are on special offer? Then visit our sales page to check out our latest discounts.

At 21RUN you will find the right running clothing for every type of runner and any type of weather. Whether you are looking for waterproof running clothing, thermal clothing or running underwear. You can find your favourite brands and trendy clothing online at 21RUN. Do you still have some questions to ask first? Don’t hesitate to contact our customer service. They will be happy to help you.