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Buying a Running Jacket

The right running jacket allows you to go out for your run no matter the weather. A good running jacket protects you from the bone-chilling cold, pelting rain and blustering wind. It keeps your body dry and allows you to stay comfortable during your runs, even in bad conditions. Protecting yourself from the elements helps you stay healthy and fit, and fends off injury and illness. Most of the time a running jacket forms the third layer of your running outfit; the first layer is your functional underwear and the second layer your regular running clothing such as a running top and running bottoms.

Running jackets come in a wide variety of versions; either fine-tuned to certain conditions or in a more all-round style. Some running jackets are ideal for runs in warm conditions or keep you from cooling down after your workout, where other jackets enable you to go out in rainy and stormy conditions. Be careful though! Possessing a good running jacket means that rain and storm are no longer an excuse to stay in.

After exercise your body cools down fast, therefore it’s important to cover yourself in dry and warm clothes when finishing your workout. At 21RUN we offer running jackets for women and running jackets for men.

What Features should a Running Jacket have?

There is a wide variety of running jackets available, each jacket has its own characteristics. What’s a good running jacket really depends on the conditions you are facing. There are a lot of characteristics that can make a jacket suitable for certain weather conditions. Aks yourself these questions to find out whether a jacket is suitable for you:

  • Is it windproof?
  • Is it waterproof or water-repellent?
  • Is it foldable and easy to store?
  • Is it lightweight?
  • Does it have reflective elements?
  • Does it provide enough ventilation?

Being wind and waterproof are two important characteristics for running jackets. Protection against wind and rain is essential when running. In cold temperatures, a windproof running jacket keeps out icy winds.

Weather conditions may vary when running or hiking a longer route. If the weather improves during your trail, you want to be able to take off the jacket and pack it into a small bundle. Because every gram counts during a run, the bundle shouldn’t be too heavy either.

Running jackets often have numerous pockets that allow you to take small running accessories and nutrition or help you stow away your keys and phone during your runs.

Thanks to reflective elements on a running jacket, you will be clearly visible in, for instance, the forest or when running after dark. Also have a look at our running lights and torches that help you stay visible in low-light conditions.

Top Brand Running Jackets

At 21RUN you will find a wide collection of running jackets from Nike, Odlo, adidas, ASICS and other brands. If you want to use your running jacket as a raincoat, choose one that’s made of GORE-TEX material. GORE-TEX material keeps rainwater at bay and keeps you dry when running in rainy conditions. The brand Gore makes extensive use of GORE-TEX materials. Odlo even takes it a step further. The Odlo Zeroweight Dual Dry Waterproof running jacket is a completely waterproof jacket. The seams are glued and do not let water through at all. ASICS offers running jackets for cold and warm conditions. The ASICS Ventilate jacket ensures that you don’t cool down after a run in warm temperatures, but also provides enough ventilation to keep you comfortable.

Customer Service

Want to learn more about running jackets? Don’t hesitate to contact our customer service. They are happy to explain the differences between expensive and less expensive jackets.