ASICS Metaride

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ASICS MetaRide

A new era is upon us, the era of the ASICS MetaRide. The MetaRide has been designed to help runners run further and longer without having to use extra energy. The innovative Guidesole technology is a central part of the ASICS MetaRide. This construction in the midsole pushes the foot forward during transition. At the same time, it reduces ankle rotation. The upper part of the midsole is made of rigid foam. This has been combined with a softer foam in the bottom layer of the midsole. Like this a dynamic curve which keeps the ankle in a certain position is realized.

The upper of the MetaRide trainers is made of breathable Circular Knit material. This material comfortably encloses the foot and provides extra stability. The foot is held in place by the MetaClutch technology at the heel. This special heel piece ensures a lot of stability. The ASICS MetaRide also features lightweight FlyteFoam material which makes the shoes very durable. The outsole has various grooves that ensure optimal grip. Will you be running your new records in these innovative running shoes?

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