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Sport Watches

Track your progress with the most advanced sport watches. Sports watches have changed immensely in the last few years. Where once GPS tracking, heart rate recording and sleep analysis was all you could ask for from a sports watch, the more recent models feature a wide array of other functions - navigation, stress level measurement, height tracking are just a few of the latest developments. Sport watches really give an extra dimension to your training: you gain insight into your performances, you measure your progress, you see how that goal is getting closer and you become more aware of your recovery process.

21RUN offers different sport watch brands and models, which can help you step up your running game. Many of these brands also offer a handy app which helps you view, interpret and compare all your running statistics on your smartphone or computer. These apps also often allow you to load different sport profiles onto your watch. So, when you practise different sports, or feel like changing from one sport to another for a while; you can easily switch between profiles and receive the right data for the right activity. Finish your look with a watch band that matches your style.

So, you’ve decided that you want to buy a sports watch, but with so many different watches on offer, you find it hard to make up your mind? A good starting point is to decide which functions are important for you:

  • Would you prefer to leave your smartphone at home when you go out for a run? Then pick a watch with integrated GPS function, to still be able to track the distance of your run.
  • Would you like to listen to music while running? Then choose a watch that allows you to store and listen to music, the Garmin Forerunner 645 Music for instance.
  • Do you want to put the focus on keeping body and mind in balance? Then the Polar Ignite is your best friend.
  • Are you an ultimate gadget freak? Then have a look at the Garmin Fenix series.

Do you need more help with selecting the right smart watch then don’t hesitate to call our customer service.