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Buying Running Tops

The right running top helps you improve your running performances. You can choose for a running top with long sleeves, short sleeves or a sleeveless one. A good running top, will keep you comfortable throughout your runs. What defines a good top is of course dependent on the conditions you’re facing and on your personal preferences. Some core characteristics for a good top are:

  • It should keep you comfortable
  • It should provide the right fit
  • It should have the right technologies

At 21RUN you will find tops for men, women and children from top brands such as ASICS, Nike, New Balance, Odlo and adidas. We have a wide selection of different running tops. In our shop, you’ll find tops suitable for all types of weather and tops for every season.

Why Wear a Running Top During Your Runs?

Running tops are specially made for runners. Running tops are far more suitable for sport activities than regular tops. Running tops are often made of light and synthetic materials such as polyester for instance. While regular tops are often made of cotton, which sponges up moisture and stays wet. A good running top, on the other hand, wicks transpiration moisture effectively away from the body to the outside of the top, where it then can evaporate. By keeping your body dry, you won’t cool down too fast and you won’t experience irritation. Most tops have flat seams or are even seamless. This helps prevent irritation through chafing.

In winter, you might want to opt for a long-sleeved top, while in summer you can choose for a short-sleeved or sleeveless one. When temperatures drop it is often wise to go for a layered running outfit. A long-sleeved running top will form the second layer of your layered outfit when facing moderate winter conditions. Your first layer will consist of functional running underwear and your third layer of a running jacket. For in hot summer conditions go for an airy top which will provide you with a lot of ventilation.

Different Technologies

We have a lot of running tops in our collection, and understand that it might be a daunting task to find the one that is most suitable for you. To make it a bit easier, you can take a look at the different technologies employed by the different tops. Each brand uses its own technologies. When looking for a top, try to balance the technologies and characteristics with the conditions you are going to face. Like this you will surely find the top that is most suitable for you.

Some well-know technologies are:

  • Nike’s Dri-Fit material; this material wicks transpiration away from your skin and keeps you dry through your workout.

  • ASICS’ MotionDry technology; is a fabric which dries fast and wicks transpiration effectively away from your body.
  • Odlo’s Ceramicool fabric; this fabric is the first fabric which actively cools the skin down with 1°C. For cold conditions Oldo offer the Ceramiwarm technology, which does the exact opposite of the Ceramicool technology.

Customer Service

Would you like to learn more about running tops or do you still have some questions to aks? Don’t hesitate to contact our customer service. They are happy to answer all your questions on running tops and the different techniques the different tops employ.