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Accessories Lights & Torches

Buying Running Lights at 21RUN

To ensure that you are clearly visible and that you stay safe when going out in low-light conditions it is wise to wear good lighting; especially in autumn and winter. When wearing lights other road users will see you earlier and more clearly than when going without lights. Use clothing with reflective elements and running lights to keep yourself out of harms way. Go see and be seen while running and prevent dangerous traffic situations. The right running light can be a head torch, but also a simple light which fits around the arm and flashes. At 21RUN we offer Gato LED vests, head torches and a wide variety of basic running lights.

Lighting comes in a variety of ways: bright lights on a headband or arm strap, reflective elements on running clothing or vests with reflective patterns and LED strips. Lighting accessories for running are very lightweight and offer optimum freedom of movement. When purchasing lighting, pay attention to battery life, lumen or strength of the light and whether the accessory contains reflective elements. Another important detail for lighting is whether it uses replaceable batteries or whether it is USB rechargeable.

Running LED Vest with Reflection

The brand Gato makes excellent LED vests which ensure that you stay clearly visible in traffic. Gato’s reflective vests contain sufficient lights and reflective elements on the shoulders, back, abdomen and hips. The vests ensure excellent freedom of movement and have seen a steep surge in popularity among runners the last few years. Another brand for running lights is Orbiloc. Orbiloc offers a waterproof LED running lamp that can be seen from a distance of 5 km when it’s dark. What’s more they have a three-year warranty on it. LED Lenser offers bright headlamps that provide sufficient lighting when running a trail or running on unlit roads. The Japanese brand ASICS has been running the ASICS Lite Show collection for some years now. Among other things this collection includes shoes, clothing and accessories: all equipped with colourful reflective panels which ensure 360 degrees of visibility.

Lighting and Warm Running Clothing

In the winter months it gets dark quickly and good lighting is very important for runners. In addition to good visibility, warm clothing is also essential when autumn and winter arrive and temperatures start to drop. At 21RUN you will find sports underwear, running jackets and hats that help you stay warm while running. Running jackets often contain reflective elements, which improve your visibility. If you want more information about running lighting, don’t hesitate to contact our customer service.