Stryd Next Gen Stryd Unisex

  • The Next Gen Stryd is an accurate, easy-to-use running power meter. The new generation 'Stryd' has been further developed with up to five times improved responsiveness. The Stryd is a wearable device that clips onto your shoe and communicates with your running watch to help you run at the right intensity by alerting you in real time to slow down or speed up.

    Do you want to train for a personal best? Or do you want to be able to compare training sessions with different weather types? With the Next Gen Stryd you can!

    The Next Gen Stryd measures with accelerometers, which proves to be most reliable over short and long distances. The Stryd also has sensors for wind, temperature and humidity and takes these into account in the calculation with the power you are running on.

    • Stryd accompanies you every run
    • Upgrade your Garmin, Suunto or Apple Watch with the Stryd
    • Stryd includes training tools to get you started right away
    • Weight of 8 grams, waterproof and impact resistant
    • A fully charged Stryd lasts for 20 running hours
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