Shokz OpenComm

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  • The OpenComm wireless bone conduction headset is designed to communicate clearly and effectively on and off the job. Stay aware of your surroundings at any (work) location with the open-ear headset. Designed with 7th generation bon conduction technology and QCC3024 chip, this headset delivers high quality audio to help you stay connected.

    • Listening audio without anything in or over your ears
    • Equipped with a noise-cancelling microphone, which minimizes background noise and improves selective listening
    • The microphone can be rotated 250 degrees and thus easily adjusted to your preference. And with a distance of only 6 cm from your mouth, it is positioned to easily pick up and amplify everything you say
    • 8 hours of battery life and 14 days of standby time
    • Only 60 minutes to fully charge the headphones and with just 5 minutes of fast charging you have up to 2 hours of talk time
    • Multi-function button
  • Article number:C102BK
    Article group:Earphones and Headphones