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HOKA Arahi Running Shoes

The HOKA Arahi model is a stability running shoe specially made for overpronating runners. The Arahi is a stable, all-round running shoe model. Although the Arahi is made for overpronators, it does not feature a characteristic overpronation block at the medial side of the shoe. Instead the model knows to provide stability through other technologies.

The Arahi is a real all-round running shoe that is ideal for short as well as middle distances. The Arahi is still a relatively new model in HOKA’s running shoe collection, but nevertheless has already become a very popular shoe amongst HOKA users. You can buy the Arahi running shoes online in our webshop; they are available in multiple colours for both men and women.

The brand HOKA was founded in 2009, but has already become a major player in the running world. HOKA shoes are characterized by a lot of cushioning and support, and Arahi 4 isn’t an exception to this rule. The fourth version of the Arahi is currently the latest Arahi model on the market. The Arahi running shoes for overpronators provide you with sufficient stability. This is achieved by the Active Footframe and the EVA J-Frame. The Active Footframe lets your feet sink into the midsole; making your feet and the shoes into one, as it were.

The Arahi and the Gaviota are the stability side of HOKA’s glide category; their neutral counterparts are the Rincon and the Clifton. Shoes in the Glide group fully focus on providing you with the smoothest possible running experience. With HOKA’s Arahi running shoes you will surely enjoy a comfortable run.

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