Online shoe advisor

Your perfect pair of running shoes is just a few minutes away!

1.   Answer the questions and take a few short tests

2.   Let the magic unfold! The algorithm finds the most suitable shoe models for you

3.   Compare the different options and take your pick

4.   Place your order and you’ll be running on your perfect pair of shoes in a matter of days!


With the Online Shoe Advisor you find out which running shoe models are best for you. By answering a few questions and by doing a few tests, we learn which shoe profile you have. This shoe profile is then compared to 21RUN’s complete collection of running shoes. With this information we’ll be able to suggest a few perfect matches.


How do we do this? We match your answers to the four most important running shoe characteristics: namely, the degree of pronation, support, cushioning and responsiveness. After answering all the questions you’re presented with a shoe profile that shows which degree of each characteristic would be best for you. You can then compare your shoe profile to the characteristics of the selected models.


Do you still have questions about the Online Shoe Advisor or the results from your test? Please contact our customer service.