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      For how long have you been practicing running?
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      What is your goal?
      Indicate whether you train to stay fit and healthy or if you have a certain distance in mind. When you’re training for a certain distance then please also indicate whether your want to run a fast time or whether you just want to be able to finish that distance.
      Pressure test
      Stand with your feet together. Place your hand between your knees and bend your knees. What happens to the pressure experienced on your hand?
      Pressure test
      Stand on one leg. How stable are you?
      Position of the feet
      Walk back and forth slowly. How are your feet positioned?
      Position of the feet
      Position of the knees
      Stand on one leg and bend your knees. What happens to the knee of the leg you’re standing on?
      Position of the knees
      What shoe size do you have?
      Keep in mind that running shoes generally require a size larger than your regular shoe size. My running shoe size is...