Julbo Ultimate Spectron

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  • The Julbo Ultimate for men and women are high-performance running sunglasses. The complete design of the Ultimate model revolves around symmetry. The glass become an extension of your body and make you experience full freedom of movement and allow you to fully focus on your performances.

    The 3D Nose Fit technology features special nose pads that can be adjusted in all directions and help you find the perfect fit. Thanks to this these sunglasses will always provide you with a perfect fit and will also stay in place during the most intensive workouts. The temples, or legs, of the glases are light in weight and ensure excellent grip thanks to the flexible and soft materials used in their construction. The Full Venting design ensures excellent ventilation and prevents the glasses from fogging up. The wide lens ensures a panoramic and unobstructed view of your surroundings. Because of this you'll always be aware of your surroundings.

    The Julbo Ultimate glasses come with a Spectron 3CF Polycarbonate lens. Thanks to the fact that the glasses are shockproof, they are ideal for all outdoor sports. The glasses filter UV-radiation and light before it reaches the eyes. The lenses also respond to the brightness of the sun. When the sun is really bright, the glass get darker and when there's less light they turn lighter. Thanks to this you won't have to think about changing conditions and stay focussed on your trainings. The Julbo Ultimate Spectron can also be worn in combination with contact lenses.


    • Lens size: 13.3 cm
    • Length of legs (temples): 13 cm
    • Width of frame: 14 cm
    • Weight: 27 grams
  • Article number:J5461114
    Article group:Sunglasses