Julbo Aerolite

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  • The Julbo Aerolite for both women and men is a lightweight running sunglass. The Aerolite is designed to be forgotten. Not after your workout on a bench of course. The design is developed to be forgotten while wearing. The materials used are so lightweight that you hardly notice you are wearing them. The glasses weigh only 22 grams. The Aerolite is specially designed for runners with a narrower face. This makes the Julbo Aerolite also very suitable for women.

    The Aerolite model is a derivative of the Julbo Aero. Thanks to the 3D Nose Fit technology with special nose pads that are adjustable in every direction, the sunglasses always sit well. The design provides a very high level of ventilation to keep your face cool. The legs absorb shocks well for optimal comfort. The soft material provides a good grip and prevents hair from sticking to the temples. The wide lens provides a panoramic field of vision so you are well aware of your surroundings.

    The Julbo Aerolite comes with Reactiv Photochromic lenses. Thanks to the high impact resistance, the glasses are ideal for every outdoor sport. The lenses filter the UV rays and the light that reaches the eyes. The lenses also react to the light condition. When there is a lot of light, the lenses become darker and when it is less light, they become lighter. This gives you great viewing comfort so you can focus on your training. Leave the protection of your eyes to the sunglasses. The Aerolite can also be worn in combination with contact lenses.

    • Lens name: Reactiv 1-3 Light Amplifier
    • Lens size: 12.6 cm
    • Legs length: 13,1 cm
    • Width of glasses: 14 cm
    • Weight: 22g
  • Article number:J4963812
    Article group:Sunglasses