Garmin Fenix 6X Solar

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  • The Garmin Fenix 6X Solar is a robust and versatile multisport GPS watch featuring wrist-based heart rate. This stylish sports watch also functions as a smartwatch that allows you to receive notifications from your phone. The Fenix 6X Solar features many advanced sport functions. The watch also has the Garmin Pay application. Garmin Pay allows you to leave your wallet at home and pay with your watch. The Fenix 6X Solar is made of premium materials; the watch has a titanium bezel and a Power Glass lens.

    Power Glass Solar Charging Lens
    The Fenix 6X Solar's special lens is made of Power Glass material with Solar Charging technology. This special lens uses solar energy to extend the battery life of the watch. The battery of the multisport watch is partly charged when the watch is exposed to sunlight.

    Music and Connectivity
    The Garmin Fenix 6X Solar can be connected to your Spotify or Deezer account, hereby allowing you to stream your favourite music wherever you are. You can also safe music on to your watch. With 32GB of memory you can add a lot of songs to your running playlist. The watch can be connected to your headphones via Bluetooth.

    GPS and Navigation
    In addition to the integrated GPS function the Garmin Fenix 6X Solar is connected to GLONASS and GALILEO satellite signals. Because of this you always have an accurate idea of where you are and how far and fast you are running. No matter whether you are running trails or in the city centre; the watch will show you where you are running on its full-colour navigation maps. The 6X PRO features preloaded TOPO Europe maps (the standard Fenix 6 doesn't feature these), golf courses and skiing maps. The watch also has turn-by-turn navigation. This helps you to easily follow your course with turn-by-turn directions which lets you know ahead of time when the next turn is coming. The watch also has Trending Popularity Routing; just fill in the distance you want to run and your watch will provide you with a number of options in your immediate vicinity.

    Heart rate and Possibilities
    The Fenix 6X Solar monitors your hear rate through an advanced wrist-based measurement which also functions in water. Next to measuring your heart rate, your watch also measures your VO2 Max, your recovery time, various training thresholds and effects, and many more important information which helps you train as effectively as possible. New for the Fenix 6X Solar is the Pulse Ox-sensor. This sensor measures how well your body is absorbing oxygen which is especially relevant when running at high altitudes. The new PacePro function can be used with the Fenix 6X Solar through the Garmin Connect app on your phone. This PacePro function helps you keep your pace when faced with different elevation levels when running.

    Garmin Pay
    Yet another useful function of the Garmin Fenix 6X Solar is the Garmin Pay function. If you want to stop somewhere along the way, this functions allows you to pay for that refreshment or toilet visit with your watch. So you don't have to bring along your wallet when you go out for a run.

    The safety and tracking functions of the Fenix 6X Solar also feature incident detection and emergency contacts. When an incident occurs the sensors in the sports watch detect this. You can then share your real-time location manually or automatically. Through the connection with your phone an automated text message and email in which your name and location are shared will be sent to your personal emergency contacts.

    The battery of the Garmin Fenix 6X Solar lasts 21 days in smartwatch mode. When exposed to sunlight for approximately 3 hours the battery lasts 24 hours longer. In GPS mode the battery lasts up to 60 hours, and 6 hours extra when exposed to sunlight. When using GPS and music at the same time the battery lasts up to 15 hours. The multisport watch features different battery saving modes: in expedition mode the battery will last up to 46 days, and 10 days extra when exposed to sunlight; the battery saving mode allows you to use the watch up to 80 days without charging. When the watch is exposed to sunlight for 3 hours every day the battery can last up to 120 days.


    • Energy boosts battery life when exposed to sunlight
    • Listen to music through Spotify and Deezer, or directly from your watch
    • Integrated GPS
    • Navigation through GPS, GLONASS and GALILEO
    • Full colour navigation maps
    • Preloaded TOPO Europe maps, golf courses and skiing maps
    • Turn-by-Turn navigation
    • Garmin Pay
    • Measure heart rate in as well as out off the water
    • Incident Detection and Assistance
    • Battery: 21 days in smartwatch mode, 60 hours in GPS mode (this excludes energy boosts from exposure to sunlight)
    • Waterproof down to 100 meters
    • Size: 51.0 x 51.0 x 14.9 mm
    • Weight: 82 grams
    • Memory: 32 GB
    • Lens material: Power Glass
    • USB chargeable
  • Article number:010-02157-21
    Article group:Sport Watches
    Activity tracker:Yes
    Calories burned:Yes
    GPS sensor:Yes (integrated)
    Heart rate monitor:Yes, integrated
    Water rating:10 ATM - 100 metres