Cookies policy

This cookie policy was last amended on 20 september 2021.


What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer by the website you visit. The next time you revisit a website, cookies help directly recognise your browser.


Thanks to cookies, you do not have to enter or download the same information every time you come back to us. Cookies also enable us to see how you use our website and what we can do to improve your journey. We also use cookies for marketing purposes.


Cookies are very important for a properly functioning website. Next to that cookies of which the effect is not immediately noticeable (such as Google Analytics) are also very important. Without this anonymous input from our visitors, we have no clear view of how our website is used and what we can do to improve it.


Which cookies does 21RUN collect?

21RUN uses several types of cookies. Below you will find a description of the different cookies we use.

  1. Cookies for functional purposes: to facilitate navigation and purchasing on the 21RUN webshop, or to remember settings and/or preferences when using the 21RUN webshop.
    Example: you place a product in your shopping cart but do not proceed to check out. Thanks to the relevant cookies, the product will still be in your shopping cart the next time you visit our webshop.
  2. Cookies from Google Analytics and Google Ads for analytical purposes: these cookies enable us to see, among other things, how visitors use the 21RUN webshop and where they come from. We use this information primarily to improve the ease of use of our webshop.
    Example: it is possible to track how many visitors visit a particular page on our website. Thanks to this 21RUN knows which elements of its webshop are popular.
    For this purpose, 21RUN has a processing agreement with Google. In addition, the last octet of the IP address is masked to help safeguard the privacy of our visitors.
  3. Third-party cookies for marketing purposes, including cookies from Google Ads: this makes it possible, for example, to display our own personalised or non-personalised advertisements about 21RUN on other websites or channels, to make them more relevant and to measure their reach.
    For a more detailed explanation of how Google uses data from sites that use Google services, we recommend that you visit
  4. Microsoft cookies for analytical purposes: these cookies are used to help us understand how visitors navigate the pages on our website and how the site is used in general. Microsoft also collects personal data for Microsoft Advertising. For a more detailed explanation of how Microsoft uses data, please visit
  5. Our website features buttons to promote or share pages on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus and to give feedback on our services via the Feedback Company. These buttons are pieces of code from the social/review media themselves, and use a cookie. The cookies remember that you are logged in so you do not have to log into Twitter or Facebook every time you want to share something. To see what they do with the personal data they receive with this code, you can read the privacy statements of Facebook, Twitter and Google+ (these statements are subject to change).


Deleting and blocking cookies

You can remove installed cookies and refuse the installation of new cookies via the browser settings on your computer. If necessary, you may consult the help function of your browser. In addition, you can refuse most cookies placed during use of the 21RUN webshop, both individually and collectively, at Here you can also see which of the cookies listed are active on your browser.

Please note: if you refuse cookies and/or delete them, the webshop may no longer function fully and properly. In addition, refusing and deleting cookies only affects the computer and browser on which you perform this action.



The personal data that 21RUN may process by the means of cookies is always subject to our Privacy Policy.


Changes to our Cookie Policy

21RUN reserves the right to make changes to this cookie policy. Any modification will be published on this page. We recommend that you consult this cookie policy regularly, so that you are always aware of the contents of the applicable cookie policy.