adidas Adizero Prime SP 2 Unisex

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  • The adidas Adizero Prime SP 2 is a unisex lightweight spike specially developed for sprinting. The spike works best on short distances of 60 to 400 meters. The spike is designed to withstand the enormous forces released during sprinting and to improve your PRs time and time again. Take your performance to the next level, become competitive and break records with this fantastic spike.


    Under the forefoot of the Adizero Prime SP spikes there is a Nano spike plate made of carbon and nylon. The Nano spike plate increases the stiffness of the sprint plate and at the same time provides a greater feeling of explosiveness and higher energy return because the focus is exclusively on the forefoot. By lowering the entire foot, no energy is lost. This shoe is further equipped with adidas' ultra-light Lightstrike Pro foam. The Lightstrike Pro foam is a foam that returns a lot of energy during every step you take. The foam provides high-quality comfort and is an ideal foam for your competitions. The perfect combination of spike plate and foam makes this shoe a real speed devil.


    This shoe is very breathable thanks to the mesh upper. The upper consists of 50% recycled materials. In this way, among other things, adidas tries to make its products more and more sustainable. These spikes will help you perform at your best!

    This spike comes with standard spike tips and a key.
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