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Buying Running Socks

Many runners underestimate the importance of good running socks. The right running socks are breathable and seamless, provide traction, and don't cause irritation when running. At 21RUN you can order running socks for women and running socks for men. We offer the best brands of running socks and you can choose from a wide range of sizes, colours and prints. There are also different socks for different seasons; thin socks are excellent for in hot conditions and thicker socks perfect for in wintry conditions. Falke running socks are very popular amongst runners, but Bauerfeind sports socks or the trendy socks from Stance are also gaining ground in the running world. We offer low socks and high socks, but also socks with a middle-length and long compression socks. Compression socks often reach to just below the knee and ensure better blood circulation of the lower legs, help to prevent injuries and speed-up recovery. You can buy running socks online in our webshop. There’s a wide range of trendy and high-quality running socks on offer.

What are the Best Socks for Runners?

Why are running socks so important and what are the best socks for running? Sports socks should provide grip, comfort and proper support when running. This is important to prevent injuries, irritations and blisters during activities. The breathability of thin socks ensures that your feet stay dry for longer. With anti-slip features on the sole of the socks, you as a runner can be sure of sufficient grip in your shoes.

When do you actually opt for thick sport socks and when for thin ones? Thick socks provide more comfort and support, while thin running socks keep your feet dry. Most brands also differentiate between running socks for the left and for the right foot. Functional socks should be slanted so that they also fit next-to-skin at the little toes. Socks which haven’t been specially designed to provide a left or right foot fit, often are a bit roomy at the toes and can cause irritation and blisters because of this. Yet another feature of running socks is that they should also help cushion impact shocks to relieve the Achilles tendons and the heel of the foot.

Good Running Socks:

  • Are comfortable and seamless;
  • Are breathable;
  • Provide support;
  • Provide grip;
  • Prevent blisters and other irritations.

Notable Brands and Models

  • Falke running socks are known for their high-quality and durability. Especially Falke’s Run socks, the RU4 and RU5 line, are popular amongst runners and hikers.
  • Bauerfeind employs scientific research for the design of their running socks. Bauerfeind runnings socks, but also their compression socks for men, are made of a thin microfibre fabric which has been specially designed with the help of medical guidelines. Their focus lies on injury prevention and stimulating blood circulation, which can help reduce muscle pain and cramps.
  • Are you all about the looks, then the trendy Stance definitely is your cup of tea. Stance makes your socks the prettiest part of your running outfit. Stance socks have an anatomical design, are strong, provide support in the right places and have an absolutely fabulous style. Strength and durability plays an important role in Stance’s socks and this is also reflected in their slogan, "The Uncommon Thread".
  • Nike’s running socks feature their Dri-FIT and Nike Grip technologies.
  • In addition to these brands, you will also find running socks from ASICS, adidas, Odlo, Herzog and Newline in our collection.

Making the Right Choice

Good running socks are important. They should be functional and comfortable during activities such as running. Are you injury prone? Then Bauerfeind socks are the right choice for you. If you choose durability and years of fun, Falke sports socks are your thing. If you want to be comfortable, hip and trendy, Stance running socks are your match. Are you still in doubt which running socks are best for you? Don’t hesitate to contact our customer service. They are happy to help you find the right pair of running socks.