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Buying Earphones and Headphones for Running

Running is a lot more fun when doing it to your favourite tunes. Music from your headphones can really help you stay focused while running. And staying focused, in turn, helps you get the most out of your running sessions. There are different ways to wear running earbuds or headphones: the best know examples are earbuds, which are worn in-ear, and bluetooth headphones which fit over the ears. AfterShokz knows to up the ante by designing headphones, which provide music in front of your ears.  When used for exercising an essential requirement for earplugs is that they are sweat and rain resistant. At 21RUN you will find a wide variety of waterproof earphones which are ideal for exercising.

Different Earphone Techniques

Because of the various types of head and earphones the products also feature a lot of different techniques. Earbuds for runners distinguish themselves in sound quality, wether they are wireless or not, and a variety of other specifications. All Miiego Bluetooth headphones are wireless and therefore you won’t experience any inconvenience from annoying wires getting caught or tangled. AfterShokz specializes in bone conduction technology. Instead of covering the ears with headphones or plugging them up with earbuds, Aftershokz places the earphones in front of the ears. Music then is guided to your inner ears via vibrations to the cheekbones. This leaves your ear canals open, allowing you to remain alert and aware of ambient sounds while still enjoying your music. Jaybird's wireless running headphones fully focus on maximum freedom of movement, without compromising sound quality. To ensure that their products are nothing but the best, Jaybird tests its earplugs under water, in mud and in other extreme weather conditions.

Each head and earphone brand distinguishes itself with specific characteristics. What you basically want are high-quality headphones for running, but what should you pay attention to when purchasing them. Important features of running head and earphones are:

  • Sound Quality
  • Fit
  • Resistance to rain / transpiration
  • Weight
  • Having a wire or being wireless
  • Easy-to-use controls
  • Battery life

Maximise Performances with Music

If you want to listen to music during your runs, we advise you to not use your iPhone AirPods or other regular earplugs. Brands such as AfterShokz, Miiego and Jaybird develop high-quality headphones which are specially made for athletes. They are designed to withstand the extra demands placed on them and help you improve your running experience. With excellent sound quality and your favourite music, you can make the most of every running session. Many Bluetooth head and earphones can be connected to your sports watch, thereby allowing you to play music from your watch and leave your phone at home. If you want more information about earphones for running, please contact our customer service.