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Beyond question... Running trainers come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Different models feature different technologies and thrive in specific circumstances. There are running shoes for long distances and running shoes for short distances; shoes that perform best at an average speed and ones that are best used for tempo runs; ones that are excellent for road running or that are ideal for off-road use. Which running shoes are best for your really depends on your running style, your goals and your running experience, but of course also on the environment you're going to run in. Owning at least one pair of good running shoes is of course very important for all runners alike. Which shoes are the best running shoes for you depends on a number of factors. Use our Online Shoe Advisor tool to find your perfect pair.

Different Types of Running Shoes

Every single runner is unique. That's why there are so many different types of running shoes. There is for instance a difference between running shoes for women and running shoes for men. Women’s runners normally have a narrower fit than those designed for men. Because men are often a bit bulkier than women, men's runners are usually a bit wider but also a bit sturdier than those for women. In addition to the difference in sex, there’s also a big difference in running styles. Where one runner might need some guidance during heel-to-toe transition, others can perfectly go without this support. That’s why next to the differentiation between shoes for men and women, our sport shoes are also divided into neutral and stability shoes.

Neutral running shoes are specifically designed for runners who land on the middle or on the outside of the heel and who use the middle of the forefoot for take off. Stability shoes have been specially designed for runners who land on the outside of the heel and whose ankles collapse to the medial side during transition - another moniker for these shoes is overpronation running shoes. Overpronation was often corrected with a sturdy block in the midsole, or a comparable technique, which prevented the ankle from collapsing inwardly. To help ensure stability, brands such as On or Brooks experiment with different midsole densities and techniques. The result: a midsole that adapts the amount of support to your needs. Guiding your feet through transition and only correcting your gait pattern when necessary. Since the amount of overpronation might differ from step to step and can increase when fatigue sets in, these new approaches help ensure stability for overpronating as well as neutral runners. Read our blog post on stability and neutral shoes to learn more about these topics.

Different Purposes and Materials

In addition to these fundamental differences between running shoes, there are also shoes which are specially designed for certain conditions or types of runs. There are Racing Shoes, which are as lightweight as possible to ensure that you can perform at your fastest. There are Trail Shoes, or fell running shoes, which have a structured profile on the outsole to ensure that you have grip on unpaved paths during off-road running. Then there are road running shoes, or All-round Running Shoes, which have been designed for running on paved roads. And finally there are athletics Spikes, which are designed for running on the athletics track.

Yet another difference is found in the materials used in the construction of shoes. There are, for instance, waterproof running shoes that use GORE-TEX material to keep out water. Gore-TEX is often used in trail runners to help keep your feet dry and comfortable throughout your trails. And for races and competitions there are Carbon shoes, or Super Shoes, with a carbon plate in the midsole that helps ensure an extra dose of energy during take off.

At 21RUN we offer a lot of different notable brands, such as ASICS, Nike, adidas, HOKA, Mizuno, Saucony and New Balance. Do you have questions about a specific running shoe model? At 21RUN we work with a team of running experts who are happy to help you find your perfect pair of sportshoes. So, don’t hesitate to contact our customer service. It is very easy to buy running shoes online in our webshop. What's more: it aren't just your shoes that are perfect for long distances, we ship all through Europe. So whether you're living in Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Ireland or Austria, order your new running shoes at 21RUN, your favourite online running store.