New Balance TCS London Marathon FuelCell SC Elite v4 Men

  • The New Balance TCS London Marathon FuelCell SC Elite v4 is a sleek and comfortable fast running shoe designed to give runners an edge during training and racing. In the TCS London Marathon FuelCell SC Elite you can run fast times up to and including the marathon, but also long endurance runs at a higher pace. Take your performance to the next level with this competition shoe!


    The shoe has a rocker profile, which is the curved design of the sole. The rocker profile provides an extremely flexible shoe, stimulates the transition from midfoot to forefoot and thus reduces the load on the calf muscles. By using PEBA foam, a thermoplastic elastomer made from polyether block amide, the midsole of this shoe has high energy efficiency. Compared to TPU foam, this foam is significantly lighter, offers better energy return and maintains its performance at all temperatures. The carbon plate has a unique geometry that is also called Energy Arc technology. Between the two FuelCell foam layers lies a carbon plate deformed in two directions. This is an even thinner carbon plate to save weight. A large recess can be seen in the bottom layer, which allows the plate to spring in and out. This is the optimal combination of soft cushioning and maximum energy return.


    The FantomFit upper is designed to provide ultra-light support and fit. FantomFit is made by fusing two thin materials together without sewing. The heel counter is reinforced and provides a surprising amount of support compared to other competition shoes. The shoe lip is thin so your feet can breathe well.


    The shoe has a rubber outsole and provides good grip and traction while running. You'll feel every step brings you closer to the finish in the New Balance TCS London Marathon FuelCell SC Elite v4, with maximum grip, optimal cushioning and a lightweight design.
  • Article number:MRCELLN4D
    Article group:Competition Running Shoes
    Brand:New Balance
    Offset:4 mm
    Shoe type:Neutral
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