New Balance FuelCell Rebel v3 Men

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  • The New Balance FuelCell Rebel v3 are neutral running shoes. These lightweight running shoes are ideal for your faster runs or more intensive workouts. The upper consists of a combination of Mesh material for breathability and a synthetic material for more structure. The structure in the upper gives support to the feet. This keeps them in place while walking.

    The upper is inspired by the SuperComp Trainer; it is a lightweight lace knit material with a partially fixed tongue for a compact fit.

    The midsole is made of the same material as the Rebel v2 but has a higher stack height and a wider base at the midfoot. The thicker midsole in the RC Elite v3 gives the possibility to give a higher difference to the Carbon plate. This gives a more aggressive and faster feeling. It seems as if the shoes push you forward when walking. The competition shoes have become slightly heavier, but you do not notice this thanks to that forward-propulsion feeling. The rubber under the forefoot is shaped differently, but still provides sufficient grip.

    The outsole is made of 'Lightweight solid rubber' and this combination ensures that the material is light, but at the same time also wear-resistant.

  • Article number:MFCXCP3D
    Article group:All-round Running Shoes
    Brand:New Balance
    Offset:6 mm
    Heel height:24 mm
    Forefoot height:18 mm
    Shoe type:Neutral
    Collections:New Balance FuelCell Rebel
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