ASICS Gel Pulse 15 Women

  • Whatever your running level, the ASICS Gel Pulse 15 is the ideal neutral all-round shoe. Whether you're heading out for a 5km or a slightly longer endurance run; the Gel Pulse can do it all. The shoe is suitable for both novice and experienced runners. Go for a completely new running experience with this all-round running shoe!


    The FLYTEFOAM™ foam provides good cushioning and energy return for a super comfortable feeling. In addition to the foam, GEL™ technology has been implemented in the midsole to soften the landing and improve shock absorption. The shoe also has the GUIDANCE LINE™ technology, an arc-shaped groove. This groove allows the shoe sole to bend while running. The goal is to stimulate flexion and extension of the foot at the toe base joints. The benefits of this technology? A better fit, less strain on the feet and more comfort while running.


    The open structure of the jacquard mesh upper increases the breathability of the shoe, while the textured yarns ensure that sweat can escape and the shoe remains dry on the inside. The elasticity of the mesh increases comfort levels and support as it follows every movement of the foot. The upper consists partly of recycled materials. In this way, among other things, ASICS tries to make its products increasingly sustainable.

    Wear sole

    The shoe has an AHARPLUS™ outsole. This material has excellent wear resistance. This feature has been improved by adding rubber material that is also used in car tires that require high durability. This makes the outsole three times as durable as a conventional rubber outsole. The outsole also provides excellent grip and traction on both dry and wet surfaces. Get the most out of your running session with the ASICS Gel Pulse 15!
  • Article number:1012B593-700
    Article group:All-round Running Shoes
    Offset:10 mm
    Shoe type:Neutral
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