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Activity Trackers

If you can't measure it, you can't improve it

Measure your performances with a handy activity tracker. Activity trackers or fitness trackers are devices which are usually worn as watches. They help you track the distance you have covered, the calories you have burned and the steps you have made. An activity tracker is a useful device, not just during training, but throughout your day too. It can provide a lot of insight into your daily activities.

Activity Tracker vs Sports Watch
At 21RUN we offer a wide variety of sport watches and activity trackers. The latter are very suitable for people who only want to measure their daily activity. When you are looking for more detailed functions and data, it might be wise to buy a sports watch or a smartwatch.

At 21RUN we offer different activity trackers made by different brands. The Garmin Vivosport features integrated GPS and thanks to this measures indoor as well as outdoor activities. The Polar A370 makes an advanced sleeping analysis with its Sleep Plus function. Pick your activity tracker by deciding which functions are important for you.