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The HOKA ONE ONE Carbon X 2 is the lightning-fast successor to the first edition of the Carbon X. These neutral competition running shoes are primarily designed for high speeds over long distances. And with long distances we don’t just mean long, but really long: ultra-long to be precise. The first version of the Carbon X was specially designed to break the world record over the ultra distances of 50 miles and 100 km. The new version of the Carbon X, the Carbon X 2, should make running over such distances even easier. Does the shoe keep its promise? We take a closer look at this carbon racer to find out.

!The HOKA ONE ONE Carbon X 2 will be available from the start of January.

Early May 2019 “Project Carbon X” was initiated by HOKA. The objective was to break the world record over 100 km. Hideaki Yamauchi was the first to cross the finish line in a remarkably fast time of 6:19:54. Unfortunately, he was 6 minutes and 21 seconds behind the official world record. In the same race, Jim Walmsley, however, knew to break the world record over the 50 mile distance. We’re really curious to see if HOKA will give it a second try. And, of course, if the athletes and the Carbon X 2 are better primed this time.

HOKA ONE ONE Carbon X 2 in Detail

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Anatomical construction for the Achilles tendons
Engineered Mesh upper material
PROFLY midsole
Carbon Plate
Rubberized EVA outsole


Thanks to the integrated TPU fibers, the upper material of the HOKA ONE ONE Carbon X 2 feels more rigid and structured than in the previous version. The upper of the original Carbon X was very thin and flexible. Because the new upper is less stretchy, it offers better support, while still providing you with excellent breathability. The Carbon X 2 has a gusseted tongue, which means that the tongue is attached to the rest of the upper. This effectively prevents the tongue from slipping back and forth. The first version of the model featured a loose tongue. The new anatomical design at the heel supports the Achilles tendon without restricting freedom of movement.

Carbon Power

The carbon plate in the Carbon X 2 was placed a bit closer to the outsole of the shoe. This means that there is more foam between the foot and the carbon plate. The result: a smoother step-in and running feel. You benefit from this soft feeling especially at the heel area. This is also the result of a new mixture of rigid and soft foams. The midsole is still mainly made of hard and more reactive cushioning material, but the percentage of softer material has been increased. This mix of materials makes the Carbon X 2 neither a very soft nor a really stiff shoe. It offers the perfect balance between an aggressive, fast and yet stable feel.


The heel of ​​the Carbon X 2 clearly protrudes in a sort of V-shape. This shape is also known as the ‘dove tail’. This very specific element has been specially designed for runners who land over their heel. One thing is certain: thanks to this protruding heel part, heel runners benefit from a soft landing and a fast transition to the mid and forefoot. Are you a forefoot runner? No problem, you will hardly notice this special element because it has been designed to be as light as a feather. Are you ready for your next flight?

Run limitless.

The HOKA ONE ONE Carbon X 2 is a real competition running shoe, but has a more versatile feel than most racers have. Regardless of whether you want to run fast or prefer to go on for hours on end – the Carbon X 2 seems to be a real all-rounder. 

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The Finishing Lines

The HOKA ONE ONE Carbon X 2 shows its best side when speeding. If you provide the shoe with a fast pace, it will almost roll forward on its own. But a slower pace isn’t a problem either. We know one thing for sure: these shoes are made to burn miles. And this is exactly where the X 2 differs and distinguishes itself from other carbon running shoes. Compared to the Nike Alphafly or Saucony Endorphin Pro, the Carbon X 2 is much more durable and offers far better support for really long distances. Do you come across a stretch of uneven asphalt along the way? Not a problem at all for the Carbon X. While in such a situation you would feel like Bambi on roller skates on many carbon racing shoes, the Carbon X 2 with its wide base offers more stability and rolls relatively smoothly over uneven terrain.

Curious? The new HOKA ONE ONE Carbon X 2 will be available from the start of January. If you can’t wait that long, you can of course buy the current versions – the Carbon X – here. Do you have any questions? Then please contact our customer service. Our team of experts is happy to answer all you questions.

Technical Specifications
5 mm
Weight Men
approx. 239 Grams (US 9)
Weight Women
approx. 198 Grams (US 7.5)
Type of Runners
Neutral Runners
Type of Shoes
Racing Shoes
Previous Version

Carbon X

Men and Women

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