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The Saucony Triumph 18 features minor adjustments. It is the predecessor of the Triumph 17 and has been improved in detail. The Triumph 17 was one of the first shoes that no longer employed Saucony’s ISOFIT technology, which was a major step. This is probably the reason why Saucony stuck to minor adaptions in the 18th version of the shoe. Although these modifications are small, they are significant. The Triumph 18 running shoes has an improved upper and updated outsole. Thanks to these two updates the balance of the shoes has been improved. A better balance gives you more comfort during your running sessions. The Crystal Rubber found in the outsole of the 17th version has made place for and outsole of durable Blown Rubber. In this blog, we will take a closer look at these updates. Are you looking for all-round running shoes with good cushioning for running longer distances, then the Saucony Triumph 18 might be the running shoe for you!

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The Triumph series has been an important member of Saucony’s range for years. But how do you ensure that a model actually gets better with every new version? Good feedback and consistency are the key to this success. Saucony continuously challenges its runners to test shoes and provide detailed feedback. A variety of running styles are researched at the Saucony factory and this data is used to further innovate their running shoes. Data and feedback from runners are critical to Saucony to improve technologies. This can be the reason for making major changes to shoes, such as the removal of ISOFIT technology in the Triumph 17. For the Triumph 18, these are minor adjustments to optimize the larger updates made to the 17th version. The Triumph 18 has become slightly lighter than its predecessor.

The Saucony Triumph 18 in Detail

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Blown Rubber

Cleaner Design

The upper of the Triumph 18 features a few adjustments. The heel cap has been redesigned to help keep the heel in place. The upper is made of a thinly woven material. This is reflected in a thinner collar and a seamless tongue in the top of the shoes. The women’s version of the Triumph 18 has an even thinner tongue. Feedback from female runners on the Triumph 17 determined that the shoes were quite robust in appearance. Saucony took this feedback seriously and added a thinner tongue to the Triumph 18 to exude more class and elegance.

The shoe’s Mesh material is highly breathable. The FORMFIT technology together with this Mesh material ensures a high degree of comfort. With these technologies, the Triumph 18 shoes are fully equipped to offer you a relaxed run. The upper is like a soft sock and seamlessly connects to the midsole.

More Balance

The upper of the Triumph seamlessly merges into the midsole. Just like in the Triumph 17, the shoe has a full-length PWRRUN+ midsole. This midsole provides 4% more energy return than the old EVERUN midsole. The level of cushioning in the shoes has been improved with the Triumph 18. This improved cushioning provides more balance in the shoes. In addition, attention has been paid to the shoe’s fit, so that your feet stay in position during your runs even better. With the right amount of balance, feet don’t need to correct this during the transition phase, and the midsole easily shapes itself after your foot. Although the midsole adjustments are small, they certainly make the Triumph 18 the improved version of its predecessor.

Blown Rubber

The outsole provides protection and good traction on paved roads. In this version special attention was paid to the durability of the outsole. This allows you to make many more miles in your Triumph 18s whilst still enjoying the right traction. Saucony also chose to replace the Crystal Rubber material with Blown Rubber material. Blown Rubber provides slightly more cushioning and grip than Crystal rubber. Saucony already used it in different other models and has now also added it to the Triumph 18.

The devil’s in the detail. The outsole of the Triumph 18 is angled upwards toward the forefoot. In the Triumph 18 this upward angle starts closer to the midfoot than it did in the 17th versions of the shoe. This means that your take-off phase for your next step is started earlier and is stimulated better. The investment in the balance of the mid-section and the adjustment of the outsole results in a more efficient take-off.

Lighter. Faster. More Beautiful.

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Auf den Punkt gebracht

After removing the ISOFIT technology, feedback from runners on the Triumph 17 formed the basis of the changes made to the Triumph 18. The tongue is woven thinner and the heel counter has been reinforced. The balance in the mid-part has been improved and works closely together with the outsole. The outsole is angled up towards the forefoot to stimulate take-off. The Crystal Rubber outsole has been replaced by a Blown Rubber one which makes the shoes even more grippy

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Technical Specifications
Type of Shoes
All-round running shoes
Type of Runners
Neutral Runners
315 g. - Men | 275 g. - Women
8 mm
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