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I am not much of a brave heart and therefore I often get demotivated by wintry showers. Because of this I don’t run as often as I would like to in autumn and winter. To test the Odlo Zeroweight Dual Dry Waterproof Jacket, I am, for the first time in my running career, waiting for downpour. Fortunately, I don’t have to wait for very long. This winter is a wet one and when it rains it seems to come down in buckets. Beautiful circumstances to put Oldo’s waterproof jacket to the test.

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The Jacket

The Odlo Zeroweight Dual Dry Waterproof jacket is a neat lightweight jacket that helps you stay dry in stormy weather conditions. The jacket, actually, has everything you would expect from a high-quality running jacket: it only weighs 53 grams, is waterproof (even in extreme conditions) and has a comfortable fit.


A major problem with waterproof clothing is that it’s often also airtight. This results in overheating and moisture build-up on the inside of the clothing. What makes the Odlo Zeroweight Dual Dry jacket so unique is that it scores high on waterproofness, but also scores very high when it comes to breathability. The Zeroweight jacket keeps you dry by keeping out water that wants to come in, and by actively removing transpiration moisture from the inside to the outside of the jacket. Thanks to this you will stay dry no matter the weather conditions and regardless of the effort you put into your workout.

Waterproof Closures

With waterproof or water-resistant clothing, it are often the seams and zips that let through water first. To solve this problem, the seams of the Odlo Zeroweight Dual Dry Waterproof jacket aren’t stitched but glued, and the zippers have been adapted to also keep out water for an extended period of time. Read on to learn more about the waterproof qualities of this jacket.


Odlo is originally a Norwegian brand which is now located in Switzerland. Since its foundation more than 70 years ago, it has been innovating sportswear for various sporting activities. Sustainability, social responsibility and the environment are of great importance to Odlo. They take these responsibilities because they think it is important that future generations should also be able to enjoy sports activities in the beautiful outdoors.


Waterproof vs Water-repellent

The Odlo Zeroweight Jacket is waterproof and has a water column rating of 20,000 mm. But what exactly does this mean? A water column measurement tests how many millimetres of water a fabric can handle before it starts leaking. This is often tested by putting a column of water in a (test) tube on to a fabric and by analyzing how much water the fabric can resist before it starts leaking. Because pipes of 20 meters or longer are somewhat inconvenient, the water pressure is usually simulated by a machine. The fabric of this Odlo jacket can handle 20,000 mm of water pressure, or a column of 20 meters of water, before water starts seeping through. As the table below shows, this means that the fabric keeps water out in the most extreme weather conditions.

Up to 1,000 mm
the fabric is water-resistant.
1,000 - 5,000 mm
the fabric is waterproof, but can withstand almost no pressure.
5,000 - 15,000 mm
the fabric is waterproof and remains waterproof in various pressures and in bad weather conditions.
15,000 - 30,000 mm
the fabric is completely waterproof. The fabric can withstand heavy rain for a long period of time, wet snow is neither a problem and the fabric even remains waterproof for a short time when fully submerged.
From 30,000 mm
completely solid materials that will never let water through.
Odlo Zeroweight Dual Dry Waterproof Jacket Pocket

Waterproof Pocket

The waterproof pocket on the chest is large enough for a smartphone. The opening of the pocket is not very spacious, so that the content stays closer to the body and bounces less during activities.

Odlo Zeroweight Dual Dry Waterproof Jacket Reflection

Reflective Details

The jacket has reflective details on the front, the back and on the sides. This keeps you clearly visible and safe in low-light conditions.

Odlo Zeroweight Dual Dry Waterproof Jacket Hoody

Adjustable Hood

The hood is also waterproof and has a bill for extra protection. It also has a drawstring which ensures that it doesn’t become a wind catcher.

My Experiences

I must confess that I was a bit skeptical about the qualities of the jacket at first. I could hardly believe that the jacket would be both breathable and waterproof. In addition, the jacket was so thin that I did not expect that it would really keep the water out for a long period of time. How young and foolish I was. The jacket kept my upper body completely dry during my training in the rain. To put it to the test, I also wore the jacket in the shower and believe it or not; my undershirt stayed completely dry again. Even after spraying the jacket with the strongest jet.

Because I am a bit taller, I have chosen a size L. The jacket fits a bit roomy around my body, but I like that because I can easily wear it on top of other layers of clothing and because my long arms remain completely covered. This roominess also gives me a lot of freedom of movement. Due to the elastics in the hem on the side, the jacket also adapts it fit to the body. Unfortunately, these elastics aren’t adjustable.

Because the jacket was so thin, I also expected that I would get cold. Many other jackets are made of a slightly thicker fabric and therefore keep you warm in winter temperatures. After training with an extra undershirt and getting very warm, I tried the jacket in my regular winter outfit: a t-shirt, a long-sleeved shirt and the jacket. This was a success! I did not get excessively hot or cold, but just kept warm.

It’s a keeper

What a fantastic jacket! This jacket will definitely be part of my running outfit. And, because it is so thin and therefore packable into a small bundle, it will certainly not only function as a running jacket. I will take it with me while cycling and hiking, but also when I go to a festival or when on vacation. The jacket is a bit expensive, but it also knows to deliver. With this jacket you will be ready no matter what Mother Nature throws in your direction.

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