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The HOKA ONE ONE Elevon 2 is the second edition of the successful Elevon model. The original Elevon was introduced in 2018 as the successor of the HOKA ONE ONE Vanquish. The Elevon quickly became popular as a very lightweight and neutral running shoe which helps you reach topspeeds. The HOKA ONE ONE Elevon 2 is part of HOKA’s Fly collection; a collection of shoes that will help you fly through your runs. In this blog we will take a closer look at the Elevon 2 to find out whether they can make you fly through your runs like the Elevon 1.

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HOKA has divided its extensive range of running shoes into three main collections; namely, the “Glide”, “Fly” and “Sky” collections. The most notable members of the Glide collection are the Bondi, the Clifton, the Rincon, the Gaviota and the Arahi. These running shoes are famous for HOKA’s ultimate cushioning, their soft feel and their natural and smooth approach. In the Sky collection you will find HOKA’s trail shoes and all-terrain shoes, such as the Speedgoat, the Challenger ATR, the Stinson ATR and the Mafate Speed. These shoes are the embodiment of versatile grip and protective cushioning. The HOKA ONE ONE Elevon 2 shares the “Fly” collection with the Mach, the Cavu and HOKA’s state of the art Carbon X. This specific collection is all about speed; the shoes therefore give an energetic and responsive feel.

HOKA ONE ONE Elevon 2 in detail

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HOKA ONE ONE Elevon 2 Black
Asymmetric tongue with openings for high-breathability
Renewed Engineered Mesh upper with more support at the midfoot
A ProFly midsole which is made of two layers with different densities
The Meta-Rocker ensures a smooth transition

Faster in Appearance

The HOKA ONE ONE Elevon 2 has become faster and more aggressive in its looks. Another change is found in the mesh material. Where the original Elevon featured an upper made of standard Mesh, these new versions feature an upper of Engineered Mesh material which provides even more breathability. To provide better support to the midfoot and forefoot the shoes also have a more structured upper. The integrated Anatomical Support Wings are part of the shoes’ lacing system. Two layers have been added, each with “wings” through which your laces are threaded. The lacing system offers a personal fit, because the two layers work together and can move separately. Thanks to this the shoes also lock down the feet into place. The footbed has become slightly softer. Because of this you will experience more immediate comfort when you put on the shoes. The renewed upper of the Elevon 2 is light in weight and therefore continues the legacy of the Elevon as a lightweight, everyday trainer. In other words; the Elevon 2 is a lightweight running shoe which is ideal for your daily runs.

HOKA ONE ONE Elevon 2 Blue
HOKA ONE ONE Elevon 2 Black

Hit the Road with Confidence

The ProFly midsole contains cushioning material of two different densities. This was also the case in the original Elevon, and was well appreciated by Elevon fans. The composition of the midsole has been revised though: the heel is softer and provides more cushioning and the forefoot is more responsive and gives a more energetic feel. The Elevon 2 also has a deeper Active Foot Frame than its predecessor. Instead of letting your feet rest on top of the midsole, as is the case in many other running shoes, the Active Foot Frame of the Elevon places your feet into the midsole. Because in the Elevon 2 your feet are placed deeper in the midsole, the shoes give a more stable feel when running. Because of this your feet are supported without the need for corrective blocks or technologies.

Tempo for Every Day

The design of the midsole is perhaps the most recognizable feature of the Elevon. The iconic “shark fins” are the midsole’s traditional EVA layer, a cushioning material which is durable and provides effective shock absorption. The layer above consists of ProFly material. This material gives an energetic feeling. Because the ProFly material forms the top layer, this also gives a softer and more comfortable feeling than a full EVA midsole would. The EVA material is stiffer and helps to propel you forward. The Elevon 2 will not give you the same responsive feeling as the Mach or the Cavu models. Those two models are even faster than the Elevon and are therefore also labeled as competition shoes. You will nevertheless notice that the Elevon 2 offers perfect support when you are running at high velocities. It might not be the fanatic GO, GO, GO of the Mach or the Cavu. But you will definitely experience an encouraging GO-feel.

HOKA ONE ONE Elevon 2 Shoes

100% Vegan

Something that might not be directly connected to running, but which is increasing in popularity is veganism. Just like running or an active lifestyle, a vegan lifestyle can also be part of your life choices. If you choose not to wear clothing and shoes that are made of material acquired by products from animals, finding running shoes might be quite a challenge. HOKA helps you out: the HOKA ONE ONE Elevon 2 is 100% vegan. And the Elevon 2 is not HOKA’s only vegan option. The new Mach 3 and Cavu 3 are also 100% vegan.

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When compared to the original Elevon, the HOKA ONE ONE Elevon 2 has become slightly lighter. It is still not the lightest running shoe on the market, but that also isn’t the shoe’s main point of focus. Although the Elevon is made for speed, they also give a lot of attention to cushioning and a stable feeling while running. And thanks to the Meta-Rocker, the curve in the midsole, you will definitely feel fast. You will smoothly roll through heel-to-toe transition. The Crystal rubber at the heel and forefoot gives traction and grip during this transition. The slightly protruding sole at the heel makes the Elevon 2 an ideal shoe for runners who land over their heels. The shoes absorb the impact of your landing, after which the Meta-Rocker pushes you forward to your take-off. All in all, the new HOKA ONE ONE Elevon 2 is a very good running shoe for your daily runs. Not the fastest shoe, not the lightest shoe, but definitely not heavy or bulky. It fits in that grey area in between exceptional shoes and meets all requirements for a comfortable and light gait.

Curious? You can shop the HOKA ONE ONE Elevon 2 in our webshop here. Do you still have a few questions to ask first? Then don’t hesitate to contact our customer service.

Technical Specifications
5 mm
approx. 288 grams (men US 9)
Type of Runner
Neutral Runners
Type of Shoes
All-round Running Shoes

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Elevon 2


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