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The Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit takes over the running world like wildfire. With this new shoe Nike presents a completely new approach to stability and overpronation. Nike claims that the React Infinity running shoes help prevent injuries. Of course you can’t just prevent injuries with a good pair of shoes. But if your running shoes already play a major role in preventing injuries, it makes a runners life quite a bit easier. In this review I will tell you more about the Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit.

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Running shoes were usually grouped into two main categories: neutral running shoes and stability running shoes. The Air Zoom Structure, for instance, used to be one of Nike’s popular stability shoes. This model however will disappear from Nike’s collection and will be replaced with the brand new React Infinity. With the release of the Infinity, Nike blurs the lines between neutral and stability shoes. In these new shoes a variety of technologies work together to guide your feet through transition in such a way that overpronation is slightly corrected. The React Infinity might not provide enough correction for runners who are heavy overpronators, but the average overpronator will experience sufficient guidance and stability. What’s more, Nike states that the Infinity is not just suitable for overpronating runners, but also for neutral runners. How does that work? Read on to find out.

Lace up and run


In its looks the Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit seems to resemble Nike’s well-known Epic React Flyknit 2 shoe. In reality the shoes are quite different though. When you place the shoes next to each other the differences become apparent immediately. Where the Epic has a thin and narrow sole, the Infinity Run has a much thicker and wider sole. The upper as well as the shoes’ fit are narrow, as is often the the case with Nike shoes. The Infinity’s broad sole, however, is clearly visible, especially when you look at your feet from above. Yet another difference is found in the forefoot: in the Infinity the forefoot gets much more room than in the Epic. Thanks to this the Infinity will receive a warm welcome by anyone who experiences a tight feeling at the forefoot in their other Nike models.

Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit White

Up, up, up we go

While putting on the shoes you immediately experience how comfortable the Flyknit Loft upper feels. It’s almost like you’re putting on comfy socks. This level of comfort is achieved by the virtually seamless design of the upper. The shoe’s snug fit provides support without becoming too rigid. Various threads are used in the Flyknit Loft upper to achieve its comfy and supporting fit. The integrated tongue makes it very easy to put on the shoes. The rest of the upper contains slightly stiffer fabric. This helps to keep the upper’s structure at the midfoot and around the toes. Something I often miss with running shoes with a similar type of upper.

“Don’t run your socks off.”

Neutral or stability?

Let’s get down to business. After all, it is not just about the feel of the shoe when you first put them on; these shoes are made for running. I myself am a neutral runner. I land on my mid and forefoot and have struggled with serious ankle injuries for a long period of time. My weaker ankle ensures that I always look for some extra stability and support in my running shoes. The Infinity therefore is perfect for me. They felt so stable that I didn’t even lose my confidence while running on cobblestone streets.


The secret of the Infinity’s stability is found in three technologies; namely the broad base, the React foam, which has 24% more foam than the Epic React, and the Rocker geometry. Since I am a neutral runner who is looking for stability I can’t say what the shoes do for overpronators. To also find out what the shoe does for overpronators my colleague tried on the shoes too. She is an overpronating runner and normally runs on the New Balance 860v10 which has a Medial Post to correct overpronation. The Infinity gave her enough support to correct her overpronation.

An independent study followed 226 runners for 44 training sessions. One half of this group wore the Nike Air Zoom Structure 22 and the other half wore the Infinity. The group that wore the Infinity had 52% less trouble with injuries than the group that ran on the traditional Nike stability shoe.

A Wide Base

The sole of the Infinity has a wide base. This can be clearly seen from above or below. The widest points of the shoes are found at the forefoot and the heel and the narrowest point is found at the midfoot. This wide base gives a very stable feel during your run. This is also the part that provides the support for overpronating runners.


The React foam gives a springy feel. When landing on my forefoot I experienced this the most. The responsiveness is less direct than you would experience with, for example, the Pegasus Turbo, the shoe I used to run on. Instead of a fast energy return, you will experience a smooth and bouncy feel.


The Rocker geometry is a slight curve in the midsole and the outsole. This light curve lets your feet go through transition very smoothly when running over the heel or midfoot. This results in a very smooth and efficient running experience. Almost as if running doesn’t take up any effort.

Running shoes redefined.

Jack of All Trades

A springy, light and relaxed feel is what the Infinity stands for. The combination of the wide React foam sole and the Rocker geometry provides a stable and supportive feel. However, React foam still is a soft cushioner. This will not be the best match for each and every runner. Are you a fan of a slightly more traditional running shoe with more “body” in the upper and more support in the midsole? Then the Infinity might not be the shoe for you. Do you like a lightweight and versatile running shoe, but are you looking for stability and a wider base? Then the Infinity is definitely worth a try. You can use these running shoes for short and middle distances, but also a marathon at an average pace should work. Are you looking to break records? Then a shoe from the Zoom series from Nike might be a better choice for you.

You can find the new Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit in our webshop here. Do you still have a few questions to ask first? Then don’t hesitate to contact our customer service.


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