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The New Balance Fresh Foam 880v10 is the successor of the well-known 880v9. The 880 model is one of New Balance’s most popular models. In the age of revolutionary, futuristic and super fast shoes, we almost forget that most of us actually want a pair of good, versatile running shoes for our daily round. Whether it’s a 3 mile or 10 mile round, the 880v10 does exactly that and is therefore a very interesting shoe for anyone who isn’t training to win the olympics.

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The New Balance Fresh Foam 880v10 has received multiple updates. The shoe has a new upper, but also features an exciting new midsole which has proven its worth in several other models. In this blog we will take a closer look at these updates and we will explain what these changes will mean for you.

Updated Fit

The new Hypoknit upper offers a better lockdown feel than the upper of the previous 880 version. This is achieved with slightly firmer fibres in the integrated zones. It’s a woven upper which is reasonably stretchy. The reinforced fibres ensure that the midfoot still experiences stability. There is a bit less wiggle room in the toebox in these new versions. Don’t worry! This doesn’t mean that you will suddenly need a pair of wider shoes. Yes, the 880v10 has a slightly narrower fit at the forefoot than the v9, but because the v10’s Hypoknit upper is more flexible than the Engineered Mesh of the v9, this doesn’t really pose a problem. Speaking of shoe widths; New Balance is praise worthy for the fact that they offer their new 880v10 in three different shoe lasts for both men and women. This isn’t seen very often and helps you find your perfect fit.

New Balance 880v10 Grey Version
New Balance 880v10 Male Runner NYC

The Newest Member of the Fresh Foam Family

The biggest changes in the 880v10 are found in the name and the midsole. Both are the result of the addition of Fresh Foam cushioning material to the shoes. Fresh Foam X material has been developed after collecting and analyzing an enormous amount of data on differences between runners and running styles. The v10’s Fresh Foam X midsole is softer than the TruFuse midsole found in the 880v9. This softness is combined with a higher durability and provides you with a more luxurious feeling during your runs. The material is softer but doesn’t give you that spongy feel other soft shoes might give you.

You do enjoy cushioning, but you don’t like the feeling of “walking on cushions”? Well, the new 880v10 offers a slightly softer feel, but also an energetic and responsive running experience. An extra benefit is that thanks to the new Fresh Foam material the new 880 will enjoy a longer life. This makes the 880v10 suitable as a reliable every day trainer as well as a durable shoe for longer distances.

Trustworthy Traction

The 880 model is known as a versatile, reliable running shoe which is suitable for different types of neutral runners. The outsole of the 880v10 has not really changed much when compared to the v9. A harder type of rubber at the heel ensures more resistance to wear. Its full-length outsole ensures great ground contact and traction. The combination of the outsole, the improved flex grooves in the forefoot and the new, softer Fresh Foam X material makes the 880 more flexible. This makes the feet go through transition more smoothly.

New Balance 880v10 Blue Version

One Big Family

The 880v10 has joined New Balance’s very successful Fresh Foam family. The new 880v10 is an ideal running shoe for long distances. Are you looking for softer shoes which offer more cushioning but which are also suitable for longer distances? Then the 1080v10 might be a better choice for you. Do you prefer going off road? Then the Hierro should be your shoe of choice. Rest assured overpronators, New Balance has also got an option for overpronating runners who want to experience all the advantages of Fresh Foam material. The name of the beast: Vongo v4.

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The game changer in New Balance’s 880 model is that it has become a member of the Fresh Foam family. The 880 is different from the 1080 because it features EVA material in the midsole underneath the forefoot. The 1080v10 has a midsole which is made for 100% of Fresh Foam X. The 880v10 contains a midsole of approximately 90% Fresh Foam X and 10% EVA material. This makes the 880v10 feel slightly stiffer and more energetic than the 1080v10. The new upper gives a slightly narrower fit compared to the ninth versions of the 880, but because the upper is also more flexible this will not be a problem. The New Balance Fresh Foam 880v10 remains a very good, versatile running shoe for long distances.

Curious? The New Balance Fresh Foam 880v10 will be available in our webshop soon. Its predecessor is available here. Do you still have some questions to ask first? Don’t hesitate to contact our customer service.

Technical Specification
10 mm
approx. 304 grams (men US 9)
Type of Runner
Neutral Runners
Type of Shoes
All-round Running Shoes
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New Balance 880v10
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Men and Women

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