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ASICS introduces the Gel Nimbus 22. The Nimbus running shoes have been ASICS’ leading model for years. These neutral shoes are suitable for beginning runners as well as long-distance runners. The Nimbus is a very innovative model; ASICS has introduced cutting-edge and updated technologies with every new version of the shoe. In this blog we will take a closer look at the ASICS Nimbus 22 and compare it to its predecessor, the Nimbus 21.

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ASICS is all about small adjustments. So, making major changes with every new version isn’t the Nimbus’ cup of tea either, but innovation definitely is! By taking small steps, ASICS knows to make noticeable improvements with every new version of the running shoes. This model has been given various improvements. Added to the heel is 180 degrees of Gel cushioning, making this model even softer. The shoes also feature some supplementary cushioning, which remarkably enough hasn’t increased their weight. Two millimetres of extra Flytefoam has been added to the midsole, which provides a bouncy feeling. The offset of the Nimbus 22 remains the same as the Nimbus 21.

The ASICS Gel Nimbus 22 in Detail

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Heel Clutching System


One of the great benefits of the Nimbus 22 is its upper. The upper is breathable and thus ensures a correct temperature-balance in the shoe. The Mesh technology is more refined and a bit lighter of weight than that of the Nimbus 21. A point of criticism of the 21st version was the lack of breathability and subsequently of sweaty feet. In this new version this has been improved. The chances of wet feet and blisters have been reduced in the Nimbus 22. The mesh material fits snugly around the feet and thanks to the seamless finishing reduces chances of irritation. The Heel Clutching System is sturdy and ensures that the heel stays neatly in place throughout your workouts.

Gel Nimbus 22 von ASICS


The most significant adaptation of the Nimbus 21 is the addition of 2mm of extra FlyteFoam in the midsole. The resilient fibres found in this extra layer of FlyteFoam provide additional cushioning and an improved bouncy ride. It also forms the basis for a responsive feel and an improved take-off. Even though extra FlyteFoam is used in this version of the shoe, there’s no real increase in weight. The 180 degrees Gel cushioning in the heel helps runners who land on their heels by providing them with some extra stability. A stable landing forms the basis for a powerful take-off. The 10mm offset of the shoe is the same in the Nimbus 21 and 22.


The Nimbus 22 is the second version in which the Flytefoam midsole and a single intermediate bridge is used. A single intermediate bridge on the outside of the Nimbus running shoe ensures better transition when running. The Trusstic System technology in the sole provides stability during the run and helps to extend the shoes’ lifespan. The sole of the Nimbus 22 gives you sufficient grip on paved, but also on unpaved roads such as gravel paths or the beach.

ASICS Gel Nimbus 22 FlyteFoam

Cumulonimbus Clouds

The first ASICS Nimbus model was launched in 1999. The name Nimbus comes from the cumulonimbus cloud type, which characterizes itself as a soft and light cloud. This type of cloud has a low cloud base. The Asics Cumulus model is also named after a cloud type, namely the cumulus cloud. The name derives from the Latin cumulo-, meaning heap or pile.

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The ASICS Nimbus 22 is not the fastest of shoes, but instead should be interpreted as a real mile maker, which every runner will enjoy every single run. With a few adjustments to the midsole and the cushioning, the Nimbus 22 has become even more responsive. ASICS has yet again treated us with a high-quality Nimbus running shoe. So, Nimbus fans can safely buy these new versions of the shoes. Job well done, ASICS! Without major changes, ASICS has continued the current success-features of the Nimbus 21 and has used feedback of its users to implement some improvements.

Curious about the Gel Nimbus 22 by ASICS. Shop the ASICS Gel Nimbus 22 for men and for women here. Still have a few questions to ask about these running shoes? Don’t hesitate and contact our customer service.

Technical Specifications
10 mm
306 g | Men - 250 g | Women
Type of Runners
Neutral Runners
Type of Shoes
All-round Running Shoes

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