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The HOKA ONE ONE Arahi 4 are the successors of the popular Arahi 3s. These stable, all-round running shoes for overpronating runners feature HOKA’s notable oversized midsole famed for providing cushioning and comfort. In this model it also provides you with the necessary stability. The Arahi 4 provides stability without using an antipronation block in the midsole, and hereby breaks with the traditional approach of stability shoes. The Arahi 4’s looks and upper have undergone the most changes. The magical midsole and outsole have stayed more or less the same. With this blog we will explain what the Arahi 4 is all about.

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HOKA ONE ONE is a unique brand in the running world. The brand is founded around the question “How can we run faster?”. HOKA’s roots lie in the hills and mountains, in climbing and descending. Working together with gravity, the team behind HOKA developed a revolutionary running shoe with a colourful appearance and a thick midsole. Resulting in a shoe which made runners descend faster, but which also proved to be very efficient when climbing. The company was founded in 2009. Ten years later, in 2019, HOKA sales increased by 50% to almost € 70.5 million. HOKA is a very successful newcomer to the running world which designs very unique running shoes.

HOKA ONE ONE Arahi 4 in detail

Discover this shoes’ unique characteristics

Renewed Mesh-upper with more structure
Thick midsole with Active Foot Frame protects the feet
Light Meta Rocker ensures a smooth transition
Improved EVA J-Frame offers stability for overpronators

Fresh look

Especially the upper of the HOKA ONE ONE Arahi 4 has changed. HOKA internalized the principle that “less is more” and they made the upper thinner and lighter in weight. It fits around the feet smoothly and provides improved breathability. Keeping your feet cool while running long distances is essential. The upper is made of mesh material and has an almost seamless design. More structure has been added to the design for extra support while running. The upper is also more elastic than the upper of the Arahi 3. It might be just a tiny difference, but if you have wider feet and experienced a slight pinch on the sides of the feet after running for a longer time in the Arahi 3, the Arahi 4 won’t have that. Thanks to the elastic upper the feet will stay comfortable throughout your runs. The heel cap is a bit lower, which adds to the freedom of movement.

HOKA ONE ONE Arahi 4 Pink and Blue
HOKA ONE ONE Arahi 4 Blue running up stairs

Forward Focus

The Arahi is an antipronation shoe. Through the use of the Active Foot Frame and the EVA J-Frame the shoes provide stability to overpronating runners. The Active Footframe lets your feet sink into the midsole. See it as a bumper car: your feet are snug and enclosed in the shoes while the shoes absorb all the blows and knocks encountered on the way. The J-Frame is clearly visible on the outsole of the running shoes. This frame is made of a different kind of rubber than the rest of the outsole. The EVA J-Frame of the Arahi 4 is made of a sturdier type of EVA material which has a higher density than that of the Arahi 3. Thanks to this frame the Arahi 4 pushes your feet out so that you land on the middle of your feet instead of on the outside. This will provide you with more stability and support when running.


Because of its thick midsole you might expect that the Arahi 4 is extremely soft and on the heavier side. This actually isn’t the case. The Arahi 4 instead provides average cushioning and is pretty light in weight. The shoes provide sufficient cushioning for a smooth running experience but they definitely aren’t as soft as for instance the Clifton. Are you looking for a stability shoe that provides a similar amount of cushioning as the Clifton? Then the Gaviota 2 might be the shoe for you. The Arahi 4 surely isn’t a heavy shoe. With a weight of 272 grams for men in size US 9 and 227 grams for ladies in size US 7, the Arahi 4 is a very light running shoe.


Glide and fly.

HOKA splits up her collection into three different silos; the Fly, Glide and Sky collections. The Carbon X as well as the Mach 3 are part of the Fly collection. The Sky collection features the Challenger ATR 5, the famous Speedgoat 4 and various other shoes. The Arahi 4, together with the Gaviota 2 and their neutral counterparts the Rincon and the Clifton, are part of the Glide category. This category’s goal is to provide you with an as smooth as possible running experience.

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The new HOKA ONE ONE Arahi 4 continues the success of the Arahi model. The light, stable shoes provides both cushioning and support to overpronating runners. The Meta Rocker in the shoes allows the feet to go through heel-to-toe transition smoothly. It encourages your feet to roll forward. Are you looking for the heavy cushioning that the Clifton provides to neutral runners? Then the Gaviota 2 might be a better choice for you. But when you are looking for a good combination between comfortable cushioning and effective support which is also lightweight? Then the Arahi 4 is the right shoe for you. The updated, fast appearance does justice to the smooth and light running experience that the running shoes give you.

Curious? You can shop the HOKA ONE ONE Arahi 4 in our webshop here. Do you still have some questions to ask first? Then don’t hesitate to contact our customer service.

Technical Specifications
5 mm
approx. 272 grams (men US 9)
Type of Runner
Overpronating Runners
Type of Shoes
All-Round Running Shoes



HOKA ONE ONE Arahi 4 Pink
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