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The Saucony Triumph ISO 5 is a thing of the past and has been merged into the Triumph 17. The Saucony Triumph 17 has a completely new design and features a variety of new technologies. In this blog we will explain the changes in technologies and the name changes of the all-round Triumph 17 running shoes. The most noticeable change is that the ISOFIT technology is no longer part of the shoes. Next to that Saucony has replaced the Everun midsole with a PWRRUN+ midsole.

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For many years, the ISO technology was so much part of the Triumph running shoes that the caption ISO featured in the product’s name. The new edition is called the Triumph 17 to show the Triumph’s lineage. Sixteen Triumph editions, ISO as well as regular ones, preceded the new edition. The caption ISO has also disappeared from the Guide and the Hurricane models, since it is also no longer used in those shoes. In addition to adding new features, Saucony has also innovated already existing technologies. Saucony describes the Triumph 17 as a lightweight all-round running shoe with excellent cushioning.

The Saucony Triumph 17 in detail

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<h5>Crystal Rubber</h5>


Let’s take a closer look at the Triumph 17’s most significant change; replacing the ISOFIT with the FORMFIT technology. In the past, some runners remarked that the ISO technology didn’t enclose the feet sufficiently enough. This problem sometimes led to irritation of the feet. The new FORMFIT technology brings stretch and flexibility back to the upper of the Triumph. The shoe now shapes itself after the foot; the longer you use these shoes, the more comfortable and more personalised their fit becomes. The forefoot of the upper is made of highly breathable double mesh material. This material ensures adequate ventilation when running.

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Saucony Power Run Plus PWRRUN+


The EVERUN midsole of the Triumph 17 has been changed into a PWRRUN+ midsole. A visible change, but more importantly a noticeable improvement. The running shoe has become softer, more durable and has lost an astonishing 25% of its weight. Saucony indicates that the PWRRUN+ midsole returns 5% more energy. Thanks to the improved temperature management, which works three times as well as the old one, the shoes have also become more durable. Better temperature management in the shoe also results in less chance of ‘overheating’ the feet. The PWRRUN+ midsole provides sufficient cushioning and has a significantly softer feel without surrendering the responsiveness of the shoes.

Crystal Rubber in the Triumph 17

The outsole of the Triumph 17 has undergone two major changes. Its predecessor, The ISO 5, was often seen as a stiff running shoe. The Triumph 17 knows to shake off this characterization and has become very flexible. At the heel and toes a rubber plate has been added in order to create more grip during landing and take-off phase; in the ISO 5’s this was only found at the heel. The flexibility of the shoes is a direct result of the Crystal Rubber material used between the two rubber plates. This technique ensures the flexibility of the shoes, without undermining a powerful take-off.

Saucony Triumph 17 outsole

PWRRUN+ Midsole

The PWWRRUN+ technology plays an important role in the following six different aspects of the midsole: cushioning, responsiveness, energy-return, weight and reduced pressure strain.

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Saucony has innovated several models by replacing techniques and implementing name changes. With all these transitions, the brand clearly sets out a new course for the coming years. Major changes have been made to the Triumph, Guide and Hurricane models with their new FORMFIT, PWRRUN+ and Crystal Rubber technologies. All these changes make us await with eager anticipation to what Saucony has to offer with the Triumph 17 and the Guide 13.

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Technical Specifications
approx. 305 grams (men US 9)
Type of Runner
Neutral Runners
Type of Shoes
All-Round Running Shoes



Saucony Triumph 17 White
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