The Salomon Wildcross is the newest member of the Salomon Cross family. The Wildcross is specially designed for trail runs on challenging surfaces. Whether you’re ploughing through mud or sand, or facing other rough conditions the Wildcross is your go-to shoe. Thanks to the low weight and the special design, you can easily make and keep pace with these trail shoes. Is the new Salomon Wildcross the ideal shoe for your next fast trail adventure? Find out here in this post!

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The Salomon Cross family previously was made up of two members: the Speedcross 5 and the Supercross. With the newly added Wildcross, you now have a robust, reliable shoe-trio to guide you through your trail runs. The Salomon Supercross is a real all-rounder. Do you run from the road into the forest and back again? Then the Supercross is your perfect partner. The Salomon Speedcross 5 is designed for heavier work, muddy trails and paths for instance. As the name already suggests, you can really go for speed with this model. It also is a very stable shoe. The new Wildcross offers less cushioning and stability than the Speedcross, but is also around 30 grams lighter, which makes them really fast.

Salomon Wildcross in Detail

Discover the unique characteristics of these trail shoes

Salomon Wildcross Trailschuhe
SensiFit upper material with Multi Fit Wing construction
Quicklace lacing system
EnergyCell+ midsole
ContraGrip TA outsole

Tech Talk

The Salomon Wildcross has a SensiFit upper that comfortably encloses the feet. A snug fit is particularly desirable when running trails – it allows you to confidently discover new paths. The upper material shapes itself after your feet and thus enables a personalised fit.

The Quicklace lace system consists of a minimalistic lace that can be tightened in one pull. This makes dressing and undressing child’s play. Stowing the rest of the laces in the lace pocket on the tongue, however, still needs some practice. But after a few tries, you’ll get used to that too. The great convenience of the quick release system is the simple, comfortable step in and the supportive feeling on technically demanding routes.

Then there’s the EnergyCell+ midsole. This cushioning material returns a lot of energy when running and at the same time offers plenty of cushioning and protection. The ContraGrip TA outsole made of solid rubber features studs that face in different directions. These studs bites into soft surfaces, but also offer grip on uneven and hard surfaces.

Salomon Wildcross Trailschuhe
Salomon Trailrun

Ground Contact

The Wildcross has a bit less drop (the difference in height between the heel and toe of shoes) than most other Salomon shoes. Most Salomon trail shoes have a drop (also called offset) of approximately 10 mm. The drop of the Wildcross is 8 mm. The sole is also a little bit thinner. Thanks to this you’ll experience more contact with the surface you’re running on. This can be very helpful when running technical trails, provided that you benefit from comfortable cushioning and adequate protection.

Here the Wildcross again differs from the Speedcross and the Supercross. The Speed and Supercross have a slightly thicker sole, which gives you more cushioning on your trail runs. If this is the exact feeling that you’re looking for than you might not have a 100% match with the Wildcross. Would you like to push your personal boundaries, run more technical trails and have a good, confident feel? Then the Wildcross is definitely a good shoe for you.


Let’s put the three models of the Cross family next to each other. When to choose which shoe? The Salomon Supercross is a good choice when in your daily runs you also cross through your local park or forrest. These shoes offer comfortable cushioning, reliable protection and support you on your way through muddy and soft terrain. The Salomon Speedcross is a more technical model than the Supercross. The shoes are therefore also more suitable for soft and muddy surfaces, and also offer more stability than the Supercross. Due to the more aggressive lugs in the outsole, the shoes are less comfortable to wear on the road. These studs offer more grip than the Supercross. Is the Speedcross with its 320 gram a bit too heavy for you? And do you want to conquer more technical trails? Then the Salomon Wildcross is in the go-to shoe for you. Do you love extremely technical trails? Then the Salomon Cross Pro might be your new running buddy.

Salomon Wildcross Trailrunning

Time to play wild.

Salomon is all about the outdoor and adventurous lifestyle. With their motto “Time to Play”, the brand asks you to leave behind the old familiar roads and paths and look for new routes, but also to have fun during these unchecked runs. By developing special trail shoes for different types of runners, the company wants to get as many people as possible on their way (and back again) safely.

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The Finishing Lines

The Salomon Wildcross is a technical trail shoe with which you can conquer the most technical of trails. You can consider the Wildcross as the little brother of the Salomon Cross Pro. The two models share the same design and material in the midsole and outsole. However, the Cross Pro has a different upper and a few additional technologies. When compared to the Speedcross, the Wildcross is significantly lighter and has a slimmer silhouette. You’ll have to make a few compromises in terms of cushioning when going for the Wildcross though. Is a lot of ground contact important to you? Then you can definitely make this supposed disadvantage as your advantage.

Curious? The new Salomon Wildcross is available in our webshop here. Do you have any more questions about the shoe or other Salomon models? Then please contact our customer service. Our team of enthusiastic runners will be happy to help you find the right shoes.

Technical Specifications
8 mm
Weight Men
approx. 290 Grams (US 9)
Weight Women
approx. 250 Grams (US 7.5)
Type of Runners
Neutral Runners
Type of Shoes
Trail running shoes



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