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Thermal tops Men

Buying Thermal Tops for Men

Thermal tops, or sports underwear, form the base layer of your running outfit. Some men like to run in trying conditions, to look for new challenges and to push boundaries. These adventurous runners need the right amount of thermal insulation. In cold conditions thermal tops help to keep the body warm. When it’s really cold its wise to opt for a long sleeve thermal top or a merino wool base layer. In warmer conditions a thermal t-shirt helps you manage your body temperature. So when temperatures rise its wise to choose for a short sleeve thermal top or even a sleeveless thermal top. Thermal clothes are the perfect base layer for runners. In summer it is important to wear functional men's underwear, as this ensures that moisture is wicked away from the body.

At 21RUN you will find men’s thermal base layers with short or long sleeves from top brands such as Compressport, Craft, Falke, Gore and Odlo. Men's thermal clothing fits tightly around the body. This body-hugging fit ensures that base layers perform at their best.

Compressport is a household name when it comes to functional sports underwear. In their Seamless Zip Line they employ a technique which ensures that the undershirts provide compression around the chest. This helps to ensure that your back stays in the correct position throughout your runs. Recently, Odlo has developed a comparable technique called the Active Spine Technology. Base layers with this technology ensure a more active posture by applying compression around the chest and the shoulders.

Top Brand Undershirts for Men

  • The Odlo Blackcomb Line for men is for runners who face extremely cold conditions. The stylish Blackcomb series provide more warmth than normal thermal shirts because they are made of a slightly thicker material.
  • Odlo’s Ceramicool fabric, on the other hand, ensures that the skin is actively cooled down with 1 ° C.
  • If you are looking for the ideal undershirt for all seasons, than Odlo’s Evolution Light Thermo T-shirt is an excellent choice. This base layer for men features seamless integrated ventilation zones in strategic places.
  • The Cool Intensity thermal shirt by Craft is a seamless and lightweight top which is perfect for sport activities in warmer conditions. Thanks to the Stay Cool Technology this top ensures that the body stays cool throughout your workout.
  • Craft’s Active Comfort thermal top keeps you dry, warm and comfortable.

Men's thermal shirts are easily ordered from our webshop. Choose your size, brand and determine which technologies are perfect for you. Do you want to work out in extremely cold conditions, or do you want to run with a better body position? At 21RUN you will find the right thermal shirts and other sports underwear for you. Just order your men's thermal shirt online and receive it within a few days.