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Buying Sports Underwear for Running

Sports underwear forms the base layer of your running outfit. It keeps you comfortable during your runs. The right running underwear will also help avoid irritation. At 21RUN you will find sports underwear for men and sports underwear for women. These two categories can be subdivided into various other categories, namely: thermal clothing, sports underwear, running socks, compression socks, sports bras and others. For women, a good sports bra is essential. An important feature for high-quality sports underwear is that it’s seamless. Sports underwear with a seamless design helps prevent irritation to the skin. Underwear, of course, must also be comfortable and fit next-to-skin. It forms the first layer of your outfit and is essential for your running session. Don't underestimate the importance of good running underwear!

Wide Range of Running Underwear

The right running outfit is the outfit that you feel most comfortable in during your runs. A complete outfit is made of a base layer, a mid layer and a top layer. Sports underwear is part of the base layer and fits close to your body. Because of this direct contact with your body, underwear is a very important part of your complete outfit. Different seasons call for different types of running underwear. In winter there’s a greater need for thermal underwear, such as thermal pants and thermal tops, to help you stay warm in wintry conditions. In summer, on the other hand, you want breathable underwear which effectively wicks away transpiration. Odlo’s Blackcomb thermal underwear can be a good choice for winter, where Craft’s Cool series can keep you cool in summer. Running with the right underwear makes running a lot more fun.

Regardless of temperatures, running socks and sports underpants are always a part of your running outfit. Many runners still use cotton socks and cotton underwear, which isn't ideal. People also often forget to buy sports socks together with their running shoes. With the rights sports socks and the right running underpants you can actively choose for a better and more comfortable running experience. Compression socks are another part of 21RUN’s running underwear collection. Compression socks offer extra support to parts of the body that are easily overstrained and susceptible to fatigue.

Customer service

At 21RUN we offer sports underwear from different brands such as Odlo, Craft, Falke and Nike. If you would like to learn more about the best running underwear, please contact our customer service. Our running experts there will be happy to answer any questions you might have about running underwear.