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Women's Running Tops

An important basis for runners is a well fitting and comfortable running top. There are different kinds of shirts: in summer a T-shirt offers the best comfort where in autumn and winter a long sleeved shirt might be prefered. Different shirts have different characteristics. The thickness of shirts helps you to accustom your outfit to the weather conditions. When it's cold you can work in layers and wear different shirts on top of each other.

Brands like adidas, Nike, Asics, Under Armour, Newline, Odlo and Skins use excellent material in the production of their shirts. Nike, for instance, uses Dri-Fit material which helps to wick away moisture from your skin to the surface of your shirt where it then can evaporate. This helps you to stay dry during your activity. Nike also uses flat seams that prevent chaffing and irritation, and in other shirts a seamless construction is used. Some Nike shirts use mesh fabric for improved ventilation. Asics uses their fast drying fabric called MotionDry to wick away moisture from the body. Under Armour's Moisture Transport System also wicks away moisture and dries quickly. In addition the Anti-Odour technology, also by Under Armour, prevents the development of bacteria that produce nasty odours.

Newline's T-shirts are highly breathable and have a good moisture wicking system. Therefore they are very suitable for summer runs in temperatures of 15°C up to 35°C. Odlo has a separate line of Ceramicool clothing. Ceramicool fabric is the first fabric of which there is technical proof that it actively cools down the skin with approx. 1°C.

Skins uses Dynamic Gradiënt Compression.This means that the oxygin feed to active muscles is increased. It helps to reduce the build up of lactic acid in the muscles and thereby reduces the recovery time of the muscles. In addition the compressive elements of the shirts offer targeted support and stability to your muscles.