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SIS - Science in Sport, by Professionals for Professionals

SIS or Science in Sport is a leading company in the field of sports nutrition. It designs and manufactures sports nutrition for professional athletes and recreational runners. The company SIS was founded in England in 1992. Today we offers three different SIS product lines: starting with the SIS GO line, which includes isotonic gels, energy powders, hydration tablets and energy bars; to SIS REGO with regenerating products to protein powders for extra muscle building. The well-know brand, which produces its products in a town called Nelson in Lancashire, England, is recommended by elite athletes and is the official sponsor of successful sports teams and world-class athletes.

When it comes to product development, Science in Sport relies primarily on close cooperation with athletes and on nutritional science. And with success: SIS was the first brand that received further accreditation from Informed-Sport. To get this approval SIS products undergo comprehensive testing in which all raw ingredients and end products are tested. Next to that, the production facilities are also screened to ensure an all-round safe and good feeling when it comes to sports nutrition.


What Should I Look Out for When Buying Sports Nutrition?

As a runner, you should of course have a balanced diet. Because running is a demanding sport, it makes sense to pay attention to a high proportion of complex carbohydrates and to put protein-rich foods as well as fruits and vegetables on the menu. But what about before, during and after your training? Before training, you can provide your body with enough energy by using SIS sports drinks. During your runs, SIS Go Isotonic and Caffeine Gels are a practical solution to replenish your carbohydrate reserves and get more out of your run. And after your training, in addition to a refreshing shower, your first priorities are relaxation and recovery. Your body must now replenish its glycogen reserves and use protein to repair damaged muscles. SIS sports drinks such as SIS Rego Rapid Recovery are also ideal for this. They ensure quick regeneration and new strength!


Buy SIS Online at 21RUN

You can also find SIS Sport nutrition in our 21RUN specialty shop. Our team of ambitious runners is very familiar with sports nutrition and can advise you professionally and passionately about which nutrition would be best for you. Browse through the Science in Sport range and order SIS products online that are best suited to achieve your goals.