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PowerBar - To give yourself an energy boost, or to not give yourself an energy boost

Whether you’re using sports bars, sports drinks or sports gels, you can rely on PowerBar's efficient energy nutrition during your races and running training. They help you achieve your personal goals and keep you motivated. The quickly digestible nutrients from PowerBar's energy bars and gels provide you with quickly usable "fuel" and thus prevent a slump in your performance and keep you from “hitting the wall".


Why Do You Actually Need Energy Bars or Gels?

Of course, it's not a secret that you lose energy while running. This energy can be obtained from various sources in the body: next to using body fat to provide you with energy, there is also easily usable glycogen in the liver and the muscles. This is quickly available and can be used to generate energy quickly. There is however just a limited amount of glycogen available in the body. When for instance running a marathon, the muscle glycogen already present in the body will not be enough to help you perform at your best. Glycogen is formed from carbohydrates.

You can assume that the body uses around 90 grams of carbohydrates every hour, this is of course highly dependent on the duration and intensity of your physical activity. The special sports gels and sports bars from PowerBar with a carbohydrate content between 21 and 48 grams provide additional supplies. The body converts these carbohydrates into glycogen (imbibing water when taking carbohydrates will speed up this process). Alternatively, you can also use the PowerBar Hydro Gels, with these gels you won't need water directly afterwards. It is best to browse through the wide variety of products on 21RUN’s website and design your own nutrition strategy. We have everything you’ll need during your performances: from PowerBar Powergels to PowerBar sports drinks (such as PowerBar Isoactive) to PowerBar sports nutrition bars.


Powerbar Sports Gels, Sports Bars and Drinks at 21RUN

Specially developed for you by experts: the brand PowerBar has more than 30 years of experience, and we as the running sports specialist 21RUN know what is important when it comes to optimal sports nutrition. Whether recreational athletes or marathon runners, we want to offer everyone their perfect products. That's why you will find a large range of PowerBar products in our online shop. The products are subdivided into categories that tell you when its best to take these products; before, during or after your training. Order them now and we'll deliver them quickly to your doorstep.