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Buying Running Underpants

Wearing the right underpants during your runs can really boost your performances. Many runners still underestimate the importance of functional running underpants. The best running underpants fit close to the skin, are seamless and breathable, and help manage temperatures. At 21RUN we have a wide collection of running underpants for men and running underpants for women from various top brands. Underpants or boxershorts for runners should be light in weight and have a seamless construction. Because underpants are the base of your running outfit and fit directly onto the skin they are a very important piece of clothing.

A popular type of running underpants for both men and women are boxershorts. Boxershorts offer excellent freedom of movement, without causing irritation between the legs. This stands in stark contrast with cotton underpants, which restrict your movement and often become irritating during sporting activities.

Why Purchase Running Underpants?

The importance of running underwear is underestimated. Runners are quick to order the latest and best running shoes and running clothing, but running underwear is often forgotten. Functional underpants, however, are an essential part of your running outfit. When purchasing running underpants you have to take into account a number of characteristics.

An important characteristic of good running underwear is that it’s seamless. Basic cotton underwear often causes friction between the legs. This can result in irritation and pain when running, and in extreme cases might even force you to stop your workout. Seamless underpants for runners provide you with a lot of comfort and freedom of movement during your runs.

The Best Running Underpants:

  • Are seamless;
  • Are breathable;
  • Prevent chafing;
  • Fit next-to-skin;
  • Provide a lot of freedom of movement.

At 21RUN you can buy boxershorts, briefs, hipsters, panties, thongs and other types of sports underpants from top brands such as Falke, Odlo, Craft and Björn Borg. These brands specialize in sports underwear. If you still have questions about buying the right underpants for runners then don’t hesitate to contact our customer service. Our running experts are ready to answer all your questions about running underwear.