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Odlo: 70 Years of Innovation in Sportswear

Odlo finds its origin in Norway and is now based in Switzerland. The brand stands for high-quality functional sportswear and permanent innovation. Whether you’re looking for clothing for your weekend jog or for an exciting trail adventure: Odlo has the right running gear for you. Odlo helps you achieve new top performances and stay cool - in the truest sense of the word - throughout your activities.


Odlo - Always one Step ahead of the Times

As early as the 1950s, Odd Roar Lofterød caused a sensation with innovative sportswear made from the synthetic Helanca fibers. In 1964, the Norwegian was even allowed to dress the Norwegian Olympic team in Innsbruck. This was just the beginning of a series of revolutionary new developments. First of which was the introduction of the fully synthetic sports underwear, Odlo Termic. In 1973 this was quickly followed by the first three-layer system with moisture wicking abilities, temperature regulation and protection from the weather; which has since been adopted by many other manufacturers. Other new innovative breakthroughs by Odlo include: Odlo Dualdry Waterproof, ZeroScent, Active Spine, Ceramiwarm, Yakwarm, Ceramicool, Linencool and Organic Body Mapping.


Excellent Design for Top Athletic Performances

Odlo has won several prizes for its innovative strength and attractive designs, including the ISPO Gold Award in Munich for the revolutionary Evolution Blackcomb underwear and the Red Dot Design Award for the design of the racing suit for biathlon superstar Ole Einar Bjørndalen. Whether you're a beginner or an avid runner, thanks to the innovative technologies from Odlo and the constant further development of their bestsellers, you can also improve your stamina, achieve new top performances and of course have a lot of fun while doing this.


Buy Your Odlo Collections Online

In addition to running, jogging, trekking and thriathlon, Odlo now also concerns itself with Nordic walking, cycling and yoga. The Norwegian roots in winter sports are also still cherished. Odlo's clothing is characterized by the unique Ceramicool technology, which cools the skin with one degrees celcius. A single degree can be decisive advantage in competition, especially when competing at high temperatures it can form a pleasant relief.

When it comes to functional underwear, Odlo leads the way with their performance line. With a seamless design, a body-hugging fit and precisely placed functional zones, as a runner you enjoy the best comfort as well as optimal moisture and temperature control, even under particularly demanding conditions.

With our large selection of Odlo products, 21RUN puts you on the right track for achieving your goals. Discover our selection for men, women and children, consisting of:

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Buying Thermal Singlets for Women

Thermal singlets are part of the base layer of your running outfit. Thermal clothing is important to help prevent injuries and avoid illness. Sleeveless tops with thermal properties don’t affect your freedom of movement. If you prefer not having sleeves on your thermal top or if the circumstances don’t call for sleeves then a singlet is the perfect solution. Sleeveless thermal tops for women fit snugly around the body and absorb and drain away transpiration moisture. Because a women’s thermal singlet fits tightly around your body, it also prevents chafing while running.

A Few Notable Brands and Items in Our Collection

  • Odlo's Ceramicool fabric is the first fabric which actively cools down the skin with 1 °C. Therefore the Ceramicool line is ideal for warm conditions. What’s also really cool about Odlo’s thermal tank tops is that they are seamless. This ensures that you won’t experience any chafing.
  • Craft thermal singlets also have a seamless design and their Craft Stay Cool technology helps to keep the body cool.
  • Unlike most thermal singlets, which keep you cool in summer, Falke also offers thermal tanks that keep you warm during activities in colder conditions. These thermal base layers remove sweat rapidly and employ thermal insulation to keep you warm.

At 21RUN you will find running singlets for women from top brands such as Odlo, Falke, Craft and Gore. Do you want to know more about thermal tank tops or singlets for women then don’t hesitate to contact the running experts at our customer service.