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Running Shoes for Women

Buying Running Shoes for Women

What are the best running shoes for women? This really depends on what kind of runner you are and which goals you want to achieve. In general though, we believe that the right running shoes for women let you run comfortably and help prevent injuries. Before deciding which shoes you want, it is important to know whether you are a neutral runner or an overpronator.

  • Neutral running shoes: these running shoes are especially designed for runners with midfoot landing or runners who land on the outside of their heel, and who use the middle of the forefoot for take off.
  • Stability running shoes: these running shoes are especially designed for runners who land on the outside of their heel and whose ankles collapse to the inside during take off (overpronators).

The difference between these two categories is that the running shoes for overpronators offer extra medial support. Neutral running shoes don’t have this. About 75% of women need shoes with a correction.

After deciding whether you need neutral or stability shoes you can start thinking about what surfaces you would like to run on. There are all-round running shoes for paved surfaces, trail shoes for soft and unpaved surfaces, competition shoes for races or spikes for on the track. Try to inform yourself well before deciding which running shoes would be best for you. 21RUN offers a wide range of the latest and most popular running shoes for women. Our customer service can help you find the right running shoes. So, don’t hesitate to give them a ring. Running shoes for ladies are ordered easily and quickly from our webshop.


What are the Right Running Shoes for Women?

There are different running shoes for women. That is why it is important to make the right choice. When buying women's running shoes, do not pay attention to appearance or brand, but instead try to focus on factors such as cushioning, support, protection and degree of pronation. If you are just starting to run on the road, sufficient cushioning in shoes is really important. Cushioning provides support and reduces the risk of injuries. Your body has to get used to the impact shocks during landing, good cushioning helps to reduce these impact shocks. Therefore it is also important to slowly built-up your training. Popular running shoes are the Nike Pegasus and the ASICS Nimbus for women. At 21RUN you will find different Saucony running shoes for women. You will also find running shoes from HOKA ONE ONE, Brooks, Salomon and other top brands.


Different running shoes

At 21RUN we divide running shoes into four main article groups, namely:

For a normal running session on the road, choose all-round running shoes. If you want to run on softer surfaces such as dunes, forests or beaches; go for trail running shoes. Trail shoes offer more grip, traction and protection than all-round running shoes. Then there are spikes and competition shoes for women. There are spikes for athletics events such as long jump, high jump, javelin throw, but also for numerous other events. Competition shoes, on the other hand, are mainly used on the road. Take for example the HOKA ONE ONE Carbon X or the Nike Vaporfly, both are racing shoes which are perfect for fast pace running. There are also competition shoes for trail running, a good example is the Salomon Speedcross. Do you need more specific advice about the different types of shoes? The running experts at our customer service can answer all your questions. So, don’t hesitate to give them a call.


Choosing the best running shoes for women

How do you choose the right running shoes for women? Good advice is very important. Inform yourself well about the differences between running shoes and what type of runner you are. Not only running shoes are important when running. Running socks and functional running clothes are also important. Need some help? Click here to contact our customer service. They will be happy to help you find the right shoes.