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Trail Running Shoes for Women


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Buying Trail Running Shoes for Women

Good trail running shoes for women offer the right amount of traction, have a durable upper and have an enclosing fit which doesn’t allow dirt to enter the shoes. To be able to focus on cross-country runs you want your women’s trail shoes to be of outstanding quality. There is a wide variety of trail shoes available for women, but which ones are best for you? This first of all really depends on the type of trail you are going to run. If you opt for a trail running competition, we recommend women to take a lightweight pair of trail trainers. For beginning trail runners it is advisable to have a good look at the outsole and the amount of traction it will offer. The more structured the profile, the more grip you will experience during trail runs on unpaved paths. To pick the right trail shoes for you it is very important to consider the amount of grip you want, which is the best fit for you and what type of trail you want to run.

Every runner has her own running style, and every trail requires a unique approach. Women usually weigh less than men. Trail shoes for women therefore are also lighter of weight and more flexible than those of men, which are characterised by sturdiness and density. Although female trail shoes are more flexible, they still know to offer the right amount of grip. This means that you will always be very responsive during trail runs, also on unpaved surfaces.


What Are the Best Trail Running Shoes for You?

At 21RUN you will find trail trainers, fell running shoes, cross country running shoes and cross country spikes from notable brands, such as ASICS, Salomon, Nike, HOKA ONE ONE, Saucony and New Balance.

ASICS trail shoes for women are strong shoes which offer excellent grip. This reduces the risk of slipping, and injuries connected to this. You can also find Asics’ famous GEL technology in their trail running trainers. Check out their Fuji models, such as the ASICS FujiTrabuco and the ASICS FujiLyte.

Salomon is a brand which specializes in trail running. Salomon trail shoes for women have a strong nose, a unique lacing system and they offer a lot of grip on forest and sand paths. Salomon’s unique lacing system is used in shoes for competitive trail running. There are many different Salomon trail running shoes, but the Salomon Speedcross and the Salomon Sense Ride are their most famous models.

Nike’s very popular Pegasus running shoes also have a trail version. The Nike Pegasus trail shoes for women are very striking shoes. They provide the same level of comfort for which the Pegasus range is famous and feature a sturdy outsole which offers sufficient grip on trails. But Nike has more tricks up its sleeve, the Nike trail running shoes such as the Nike Wildhorse and the Nike Terra Kiger are well received Nike trail shoes.

A number of brands also offer waterproof trail running trainers. These waterproof running shoes are very suitable for wet trail runs. Most waterproof trail running shoes feature a GORE-TEX upper. Check out our full collection of GORE-TEX running shoes.

Other notable models are the Saucony Peregrine, the Brooks Cascadia, the HOKA ONE ONE Speedgoat, the Altra Timp, the Altra Lone Peak, the Altra Superior, the Inov8 X Talon and the Inov8 Roclite.


Clothing for Trail Running

Trail shoes aren’t the sole piece of equipment which help to transform a simple mud run into a perfect trail. Perfect trails require a bit more preparation. Circumstances in which normal runs and trail runs are run differ greatly; just think of the difference in weather, temperature, height and underground. When trail running, it usually is a good idea to dress warmly. Brands like Salomon, Inov-8, Compressport, Falke and Nike sell women's clothing and accessories which are specially made for trail running. Compressport, for example, offers trail running socks and Inov-8 offers running gloves both expressly made for women.

Some women like to wear trail running shoes instead of heavy women’s hiking boots. For some hikes, tough and stern hiking shoes are not always ideal. Try a pair of trail running shoes instead. They usually are a bit more flexible and quick than heavy and clunky hiking boots.

Become a trail running enthusiast! 21RUN makes it easy for women to find the right trail shoes. If you need more information on trail running. Don’t hesitate and contact our customer service. They will gladly help you find the right trail running shoes for women.