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Buying Running Pants

Your choice of running pants can have a big influence on your running experience. The best pants are those that you hardly notice during your runs. A good pair of pants can even help improve your performances. Tights are probably the most common pants for runners. That’s not without reason. Tights shape themselves after the body and don’t get caught by the wind. Next to tights we of course have a lot of other running pants available in our collection. You can for instance find a large selection of long and short tights, capris, shorts and training pants. At 21RUN you will find a wide range of running pants for men and women from well-known brands such as Nike, ASICS, adidas or Fusion.

Different Types of Running Pants

Simply put, you can divide pants into two main categories, namely: short and long running pants. In winter you want to opt for long running trousers that protect you from the cold. In summer you go for short running pants that provide a lot of ventilation and help you stay cool and comfortable. These two main categories can be subdivided into many different subcategories.

Long Running Tights and Capris

Long running tights cover your legs completely. However, there are also 7/8th tights. These tights are long but just a bit shorter than regular long tights. Long tights come in different thicknesses and materials. Every product description contains information that explains what weather conditions the long tights in question are most suitable for. In general long tights help to protect you from the cold and keep your legs warm during your runs.

Then there are running capris. Capris are the ideal running pants for days when it is too hot for long tights, but still a bit too chilly for shorts. Some people also just prefer running capris over running shorts because of the extra coverage and slightly compressive fit that capris offer. Capris reach down to just below the knees. Capris and long tights often have small pockets for a phone, wallet or keys.

Training Pants

Long training pants are used in winter or during trails and are highly breathable. Training pants are also excellent for after or before your run or activity. They help ensure that you don’t cool down too quickly and help you warm up more efficiently in colder conditions. Long track pants often have a drawstring that allows you to adapt their fit, ankle zips make it easy to put on and take off the pants and handy pockets allow you to store your phone or keys.

Short Running Tights and Shorts

Short tights are mainly used in summer and for in and outdoor competitions. Short tights are perfect for when you want to carry as little weight and be as streamlined as possible. Short tights come in different lengths. For men they often end a bit above the knee. For women they are usually a bit shorter. Nike offers various very popular short tights, the Nike Pro Shorts are a good example of this. Thanks to their fit, they have become increasingly popular amongst athletes.

When going for running shorts you go for freedom of movement. Running shorts fit loosely around the legs and are often worn by athletes who run longer distances or by recreational runners who find them more comfortable. Running shorts are perfect for in summer or when running in summer-like conditions. There are also 2in1 shorts. These type of shorts have inner briefs or shorts that fit tightly around the legs and outer shorts that have a loose fit.