ASICS Sakura Pack

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ASICS Sakura Collection

Meet the ASICS Sakura Collection a collection of clothing and shoes that’s inspired by Japan’s cherry blossom season. Cherry blossoms are called Sakura in Japan and they are linked to the centuries-old tradition of Hanami, or cherry blossom viewing. The cherry blossoms flower in early spring and only bloom for one or two weeks. The Sakura flowers are an iconic symbol in Japan that’s linked to spring and symbolises renewal as well as the fleeting nature of life. They are strongly tied to themes of mortality, mindfulness and living in the present. By pausing life for a moment and by appreciating the beauty of your surroundings it becomes easier to place everything in perspective and to continue life more aware.

The ASICS Sakura collection embodies the tradition of Hanami and the symbolism of the Sakura flowers perfectly. For many runners running is a moment to clear your mind and leave your thoughts and stress behind you; a moment to restart, to renew. With the Sakura collection ASICS stresses their mission: to provide running motivation for mind, body and soul. Nothing frees the mind like movement, so what are you waiting for?